The 9th Annual ISF Academy Chess Open 2018

Come join The ISF Academy Chess Open 2018!!

Date: March 11, 2018 (Sunday)
Time: 9:00am – 5:30pm
Location: The ISF Academy, 1 Kong Sin Wan Road, Pokfulam, HK
Sections: Age 6 & Under, Lower Primary, Upper Primary, Secondary

To sign up, please email the enrollment form to We will send you the confirmation and details. Please feel free to contact us for any questions at 3480 4199/



The Chess Academy ActiveKids Winter Open 2018 (Rated Standard)


The Chess Academy ActiveKids Winter Open 2018 (Rated Standard)

We welcome all Rated & Unrated players!

Come win some cash awards and/or sponsorship to the Asian Youth Chess Championship 2018!

Details please see Here

For Registration, please send send the Registration Form to

For more details, please contact us at 3480 4199 or

For Pairings and Results List, please check Here

You can download or view the games Here



Results of the End of Year Tournament 2017

2017 is coming to the end and The Chess Academy has held the last tournament this year – “The End of Year Tournament” on Dec 10, 2017. With 150 players participated, kids enjoyed their games and some of them had challenged our International Master Coach Juan during the Simul. We are delightful to present the result and would like to say Congratulations to the Winners!

Happy Holidays & See you all in 2018!


Age Winners:
Age 3 Winner – Thomas Ze Chen Qiu (ISF)
Age 5 Winner – Sacha Agyeman (GSIS)
Age 6 Winner – Demos Ze Xu Qiu (ISF)*
Age 7 Winner – Gabriel Tai Yuen Chan (BHS)*
Age 8 Winner – Noah Michishita (Discovery College)
Age 9 Winner – Thanneermalai Kannapan (Kennedy School)*
Age 10 Winner – Ritvik Gupta (GSIS)
Age 11 Winner – Aden Wong (ICS)*
Age 12 Winner – Adrian Leung (La Salle)
Age 13 Winner – Winfield Yeung (Kau Yan School)
Age 14 Winner – Lachlan Tyrrell (West Island School)

U6 section:
1st place – Li, Jonathan David Kwong Hang (St. Paul’s Co-ed)*
2nd place – Ng, Sheung Yu Ryanna (SMCS)*
3rd place – Derek Li (St. Stephen Prep)*
Female Champion – Annabel Chang (KCS)*

U8 section:
1st place – Oliver King (HKIS)
2nd place – Lam, Chun Yung Samuel (ISF)
3rd place – Mark Bai (Kau Yan School)
Female Champion – Tiia Agyeman (GSIS)

U10 section:
1st place – Pang Bo (St. Johannes College)
2nd place – Liu Yuan Max (ISF)*
3rd place – Hon Zig Zeth (Kau Yan School)
Female Champion – Meha Agrawal

U12 section:
1st place – Liu Pak (KGV)
2nd place – Hsin Hung Cheng (CDNIS)
3rd place – Siu Hiu Chun Wilson (Island School)*
Female Champion – Helen He (CMS)*

U18 section:
1st place – Michael Chiu (RCHK)
2nd place – Ben Han (ISF)
3rd place – Justin Cheng (ISF)
Female Champion – Wong, Chun Yan Sabrina


The Chess Academy – International Master Coach Juan is joining The Chess Academy!

New INTERNATIONAL MASTER Juan Rohl Montes will be joining THE CHESS ACADEMY this week!

IM Juan

In the efforts of constantly improving the quality of our program, The Chess Academy is extremely pleased to welcome our NEW COACH IM Juan Armando Rohl Montes!
Mr Montes has been an International Master since 1996 with FIDE ratings of 2400+.  Since then, he has been deeply involved in the training of chess talent in Venezuela – from junior players to high level performers.  Of his students, he has recently trained two students who became FMs, National Champions in the U14, U16, and U18 categories and a WIM (Woman International Master) from Trinidad and Tobago.  He has been on the National Team for over 20 years and has participated in more than 50 International Tournaments in 17 Countries as a National Coach.

Coach Juan will be joining The Chess Academy team this week.  He will also be conducting high level classes during the week and on weekends.  So, please contact us to book your lessons now!

Congratulations to ALL our TCA coaches for receiving the Chess Arbiter certifications!!  Making TCA the strongest Chess Coaching Team!
A BIG Round of Applause to them All!

Coach Chris Pang Candidate Master / National Arbiter
Coach Edgar De Anda     FIDE Arbiter
Coach Sigappi Kannappan Woman FIDE Master / National Arbiter
Coach Sydney Lai FIDE Arbiter / National Arbiter 

Don’t forget to sign up for our End of Year Tournament 2017 (details below) and to get a chance to do the Simul-challenge with IM Juan!

Space is limited. 

To sign up for lessons, please call our office to arrange asap; for the Tournament, please email the enrollment form below to We will send you the confirmation and details. Please feel free to contact us for any questions at 3480 4199/



Results of The Chess Academy ActiveKids Fall Open 2017 (Rated Standard)

After 5 rounds of serious competition, The Chess Academy ActiveKids Fall Open 2017 was concluded on 12th Nov, 2017.

The results  and games of the Tournament can be viewed here !

final ranking TCA fall open

In the final round, Henry defeated ex- Hong Kong Champion Andrew Leung and won the championship! Congratulations Henry! Andrew Leung came 2nd with only one loss.

In the U16 Category, James Wing Ki Kwong scored 4 points and won the championship in U16, while Samuel Chun Yung Lam is 2nd Place with 3.5 points.

Below are a few words from our Champion Henry In Hei Ho:

First of all, I would like to thanks active-kids for organising such a great event! The tournament was well organised and hosted on Sunday so it provided more opportunities for HK players like myself to participate and play competitive chess.

Over this tournament, there were ups and downs in my games. The most difficult one should be round 3 against Ronald Choy in which my kingside have been completely demolished but I was lucky to escape with a perpetual. This put me into a must-win situation in the final round with black versus Andrew Leung, the Ex-HK champion. The game was tough and in a difficult middle game position I managed to simplify into a favourable endgame and converted successfully. With this win, I am honoured to claim first place in this tournament.

In the future, I hope active-kids can continue to organise great events like this one and I also encourage all of you to take part and challenge yourself in those future tournaments!”

And our U16 Champion James Kwong would like to share with us the following:

“I try not to put too much pressure on myself; even when I was in an unfavourable situation, I told myself to keep calm & carry on.

In playing this tournament,  there were some challenges. My first opponent was Wilfred Hill-wood, he was a young but tough player. He played active moves. He built a lot of pressure on my queen side and consistently played “fighting chess”. My fourth game against Ronald Choy was a tough game. I played the King’s Indian in which Ronald kept building a kingside attack. Ronald played really well thoughtout this game except for a slight calculation mistake. When I was in an unfavourable situation, I told myself to keep calm and carry on. Thanks to ActiveKids for organising this tournament. I need to work harder to improve my endgame.”


Our next Chess Tournament is the “End of Year Tournament 2017”. For more detail, please click here.

Result of the Novice Tournament 2017

The Chess Academy – The 9th Annual Novice Tournament was held on November 5, 2017. This is the first chess tournament of the school year 2017 – 18.

With over 60 students participated, we have the following winners! Congratulation and Well done to all! 

Age 4 Winner – Lim Ka Ho, Anthony (St. Paul  Church)
Age 5 Winner – Sacha Agyeman (GSIS)
Age 6 Winner – Qiu, Ze Xu Demos (ISF)*
Age 7 Winner – Vincent Chen (CIS)*
Age 8 Winner – Cheung Tsz Kin (CDNIS)*
Age 9 Winner – Shannon Ho (CDNIS)*
Age 10 Winner – Oliver Yung (Wah Yan

U6 Section:
1st place: Ng Sheung Yu Ryanna (SMCS)*
2nd place: Annabel Chang (KCS)*
3rd place: Derek Li (St. Stephen)*
Female Champion: Sze Yat Yiu YY (Kau Yan)

U8 Section:
1st place: Tiia Agyeman (GSIS)
2nd place: Rex Lee (CDNIS)*
3rd place: Oscar Tao (Bradbury)
Female Champion: Tiffany Leung (Kau Yan)

U10 Section:
1st place: Thomas Ip (SJS)
2nd place: Chang Keanu Tin Long (CMS)
3rd place: Ishi Agrawal (HKIS)
Female Champion: Meha Agrawal (HKIS)

U12 Section:
1st place: Cheung Hoi Yau Ashley (DGS)
2nd place: Xander Den Hartog (FIS)
3rd plece: Patrick Yu (West Island)
Female Champion: Chen Yi Dan (CDNIS)*

U18 Section:
1st place: Sean Ho (CDNIS)
2nd place: Woody Ho (CDNIS)
3rd place: Matthew Tsoi (CDNIS)

Student name with * is under The Chess Academy coaching.

Our next Chess Tournament is the “End of Year Tournament 2017”. For more detail, please click here.

End Of Year Tournament 2017

Come join our END OF YEAR TOUNRNAMENT 2017 !!
To finish off the year with a good Game of Chess!!

Date:       Dec 10, 2017 (Sunday)
Time:      9am – 5:30pm
Venue:   Canadian International School (Cafeteria 12/F) – 36 Nam Long Shan Road, Aberdeen, HK

To sign up, please email the enrollment form to We will send you the confirmation and details. Please feel free to contact us for any questions at 3480 4199/
ActiveKids Ltd. 



Novice Tournament 2017 

Here comes The Chess Academy first chess tournament in School Year 2017 – 18!

The 9th Annual Novice Tournament
Date: Nov 5, 2017 (Sunday)
Time: 9:30am – 2:00 pm
Location: ActiveKids Learning Center – Unit A, 1/F, Nan Sang Building, 86 Belcher’s Street, Kennedy Town, HK.

For more information please see flyer below. To sign up please email your name, school, section and contact to, or fax the form to 8143-0070.
Should you have any queries or require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us at 3480-4199.



Result of the 8th Annual Hong Kong Scholastic Championship

Checkmate! One of the Biggest The Chess Academy event of this school year – “The 8th Annual Hong Kong Scholastic Championship” was held on last Sunday, Jun 11 at Kellett School Kowloon Bay campus.

With over 110 kids participated and battled for 6 rounds, students were excited about their results. While waiting for the final result, we have arranged a special events for the kids and had more than 60 of them joined the Simul-challenge with our Top 4 coaches.



Below are the results of the tournament.

Age 4 Winner – Annabel Chang (Small World Kindergarten)*
Age 5 Winner – Dan Lupu (Woodland Pre-school)*
Age 6 Winner – Zoe Wang (Woodland Pre-school)*
Age 7 Winner – Ethan Pu (Woodland School)
Age 8 Winner – Mak Chung Lai Matthew (Wah Ya)
Age 9 Winner – Iyer Neel (Delia)
Age 10 Winner- Deth Peramunetilleke (Discovery College)
Age 11 Winner – Damien Man (ISF)*
Age 12 Winner- Kelson Cantrell (HKIS)

Division 1:
Champion – Luk Kin Tsuen Danbe (RCHK)
2nd Place – Gordon Poon (York)
3rd Place – Kayla Mow (SPK)
Female Champion – Blair Man (ISF)*

Team 1st Place : RCHK
Team 2nd Place: Woodland
Team 3rd Place York

Division 2
Champion- Pang Bo (St. Johannes)
2nd Place – Thanneermalai Kannappan (Kennedy)*
3rd Place – Lam, Chun Yung Samuel (ISF)*
Female Champion – Chan Ngo Yu Michelle (Kau Yan)

Team 1st Place Kennedy
Team 2nd Place KCIS
Team 3rd Place GSIS

Division 3:
Champion – Liu Pak (KGV)
2nd Place  – Cheng Justin Hong-Chen (ISF)*
3rd Place – Aaditya Kadam (GSIS)*

Team 1st Place GSIS
Team 2nd Place ISF
Team 3rd Place RCHK

Division 4:
Champion – Leonardo Zapparolia (HKIS)*
2nd Place – Henry Pu (CDNIS)
3rd Place – Au Ka Pang Andy (HKIS)
Female Champion – Wong Chun Yan Sabrina (ISF)*

Team 1st Place ISF
Team 2nd Place HKIS
Team 3rd Place South Island

Student name with * is under The Chess Academy coaching.

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