The Chess Academy (TCA) – 12th Annual Hong Kong Scholastic Championship

Join The Chess Academy (TCA) – 12th Annual Hong Kong Scholastic Championship to finish off this School Year! 

– Interschool Teams and Individuals Championships –

The TCA 12th Annual Hong Kong Scholastic Championship 2021
Date: Jun 27 & Jul 4, 2021 (Sunday)
Time: 1:00 – 4:00pm
Format: 5 rounds Swiss, G/15, 30 minutes a round
Venue: ActiveKids Learning Center – Unit A, 1/F, Nan Sang Building, 86 Belcher’s Street, Kennedy Town, HK
Registration fee: $250, Free for TCA Subscription Members 

To register, please send us the Player Name, D.O.B., School, Grade and Contact no. to For inquiries, please contact us at 34804199 / 

Space is Limited!

Results of the Online Match – The Chess Academy (HK) vs Brainbox Chess (Malaysia)

Congratulations to The Chess Academy Team!

The Chess Academy continues to offer different activities for kids to train and challenge themselves. Besides lessons for all levels given by the highest level coaches in Hong Kong, and Weekly competitions to practice what the students learn, these events help us share our passion for chess with kids from other countries.

There were 36 players from Hong Kong and Malaysia participated in the Online Chess Event organized by The Chess Academy.

Players from both teams joined the Zoom meeting together. Our GM Coach Andres greeted everyone in the meeting and shared his important advises to all players. Then our TCA team players started making the challenge for the first round. When they finished the first game, they immediately started the second game. 

As they are in the learning stage, we have the time control 25 plus 10, in order to let them have time to think. However, many of them are just playing too fast and their games finish in the first 20minutes.

The match ended with a victory for the TCA team, this year was a big result for our HK Team showing the hard work of the kids. The final score was 30 points for The Chess Academy and 6 points for Brainbox. The individual results were as follows:

Here’re the highlighted matches selected by Coach Andres.

Board 1: Henryli2012–Mirzairdina_07

Henry had some problems in the first game in the endgame where he blundered badly and lost. Second game he played stronger and took advantage of a horrible mistake in the middlegame from his opponent and won easily to equalize the match. 1-1

Board 2: MarkisTew – Quickdetour

Justin started losing the first game but the second one he shows that he is a fighting guy and won with black! in very nice style to balance the match 1-1.

 Board 3: Kannat1– Izzah_is_person

Thanneermalai showed too much precision in this match and won both games in a very comfortable way. 2 -0 for HK

Board 4: Xamuil– zeechamp7

Max showed great capacity to find good moves in very dubious positions for him. The second game he went for the victory playing aggressive but sometimes is no possible to continue pushing and he realizes and he went for the secure way perpetual check for giving victory to HK in this match for 1 vs 1

Board 5: Shunhim-jerrypimples

Shun showed great knowledge in the openings and his opponent just struggle there what allows Shun to get the upper hand very quick in both games and after that Shun played with very good technique to get a final 1.5-0.5 for HK

Board 6:Hghm_0218- Futurereiser

Vicent showed elegance in both games and some brilliant moves that allowed him to win in easy way. 2-0 for HK. 

Board 7: badaccount – Jacob_935

Jacob won his first game quite easily and in the second in a total winning position offer draw thinking in giving more points to the team so the match finished on HK 1.5-0.5.

Board 8:  YewJinChess – lingshenbu

First game for Lingshen was not really good as he blundered many times and lost position. He didn’t go down in motivation and managed to play a wonderful game in the second and tie the match 1-1.

Board 9: KingLjl10-Lelennyboi

Leonard took advantage from big opening mistakes in both games from his opponent and besides he got some troubles to win, at the end he managed to clear the way to score 2 victories for HK. 2-0 HK.

Board 10: kaiyewong-mtkd99

Unfortunately match for Madison’s opponent who made big tactical mistakes when she was in normal position. That is one of the big issues in chess. We can play a lot of moves but then with one simple mistake the game is gone that is what happened in this match. 2-0 for HK.

We believe that all players from both team enjoyed the exciting matches and had learn something from the friendly match! Stay tuned for the next TCA events!

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