Results of TCA Hong Kong Scholastic Championship 2022

The Chess Academy (TCA) has recently organized The 12th Annual Hong Kong Scholastic Championship on June 26th at the iMusic Academy – a special event to finish off this School Year.  The tournament included 5 exciting rounds governed by the Swiss system. This TCA Scholastic Championship was a true success with over 40 schools and close 100 students participating across four Divisions. 

Here is an overview of the results.

Age 5 winner: Chan, Arthur (RCHK)
Age 6 winner: Chu, Lai Yin Quentin (St. Catherine’s International Kindergarten)
Age 7 winner: Lundberg, Jonathan (ICHK)
Age 8 winner: Wong, Patrick (Kennedy)
Age 9 winner: Yueh, Kevin Hoi Fung (Tsung Tsin Primary School and Kindergarten)
Age 10 winner: Tsang, Aldrik (NAIS)
Age 11 winner: Chan, Adrian (RCHK)
Age 12 winner: Wong, Chee See Aaden (GSIS)
Age 14 winner: Law, Wing Hin Alvin (West Island School)
Age 15 winner: Ip, Thomas (Shatin College)
Age 17 winner: Liu, Pak (KGV)
Age 18 winner: To, Ka Tsun (Wah Yan College, HK)

Division 1 –
The Division 1 with 6 players under the age of 6 years old. The general winner of this category was Ao, King Chee (4,5 points out of 5), beating Quentin Chu, Arthur Chan, Charles Ke and Arjun Kumar and having a draw against Luke Cai, saving a very difficult position for the champion. The second place was for Charles Ke (4 points), only losing against the Division’s winner and defeating the other players, and the third one was for Cai Zian Luke (3,5) who only lost against the runner-up Charles and tied against the champion Chee.

Individual Winners:
1st Place Winner – Ao, King Chee (HK Ling Liang Church Kindergarten)
2nd Place Winner – Ke, Charles (ISF)
3rd Place Winner – Cai, Zian Luke (YCIS)

School Team:
1st Place Team – HK Ling Liang Church Kindergarten
2nd Place Team – ISF
3rd Place Team – YCIS

Division 2 –
The Division 2 winner was Ao Lok Chee (4.5), with 4 wins and a draw, beating Santhosh Abhinav (W.O.) in the first round, Dennis Theodore Tie in the second, Wong Hoi Cheung in the third and Patrick Wong in the fifth. The only draw was against Yueh Kevin Hoi Fung, in round 4 of the tournament. The second position was reached by Zachary Liu, having a very strong fight with 4 other players who finished with 4 points but having a better rating in the tiebreakers, leaving Wong Hoi Cheung in third place.                            

Individual Winners:
1st Place Winner – Ao, Lok Chee (HKUGAPS)
2nd Place Winner – Liu, Zachary (Singapore International School)
3nd Place Winner – Wong, Hoi Cheung (HHCKLA Buddhist Wisdom Primary School)
4th Place Winner – Wang, Zun Kui Randy (Kiangsu & Chekiang Primary School)
5th Place Winner – Song, Sichen Jeremy (Singapore International School)
6th Place Winner – Ellison, Colt (Chiu Sheung school)
Female Champion – Wong, Hei Lam (Pui Ching)

School Team:
1st Place Team – Singapore International School  
2nd Place Team – BHS
3rd Place Team – GSIS

Division 3 –
The top ranked in Division 3 responded to his favoritism, placing in the top three positions in the same order of their rating: champion Chan Pui Yin Brandon (1,356 rating and 4.5 points), second place to Julian Wang (1,353 and 4 pts.) and to third place Su Bo Ruei Marcus (Elo 1056 and 4 pts.). Another 4 players reached 4 points, demonstrating the balanced level of the category. The three on the podium finished undefeated: the champion, Brandon, only lost half a point to the second, Julian.                  

Individual Winners:
1st Place Winner – Chan, Pui Yin Brandon (NAIS)
2nd Place Winner – Wang, Julian (Singapore International School)
3nd Place Winner – Su, Bu Ruei Marcus (Island School)
4th Place Winner – Tsang, Jasper (Shrewsbury International School)
5th Place Winner – Wong, Kainos (CAIS)
6th Place Winner – Xu, Anlan (RCHK)
Female Champion – Chen, Renee (CDNIS)

School Team:
1st Place Team – NAIS
2nd Place Team – RCHK
3rd Place Team – GSIS

Division 4 –

The number 3 ranked in the initial list, Guo Bo Kai Owen, was the winner of Division 4, being the only one of all the categories to win all 5 games in dispute: he beat, in his order, Gerard Lee, Law Wing Hin Alvin, To Ka Tsun, Wong Adrian Kwan Yui and Wong Chi Fung David.                     

Individual Winners:
1st Place Winner – Guo, Bo Kai Owen (GSIS)
2nd Place Winner – Wong, Adrian Kwan Yui (Cheung Chuk Shan College)
3nd Place Winner – Wong, Chi Fung David (Wah Yan College HK)

School Team:
1st Place Team – Wah Yan College
2nd Place Team – GSIS
3rd Place Team – Cheng Chuk Shan College & Shatin College

*Students / Schools under TCA coaching

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