Result of the Novice Tournament 2017

The Chess Academy – The 9th Annual Novice Tournament was held on November 5, 2017. This is the first chess tournament of the school year 2017 – 18.

With over 60 students participated, we have the following winners! Congratulation and Well done to all! 

Age 4 Winner – Lim Ka Ho, Anthony (St. Paul  Church)
Age 5 Winner – Sacha Agyeman (GSIS)
Age 6 Winner – Qiu, Ze Xu Demos (ISF)*
Age 7 Winner – Vincent Chen (CIS)*
Age 8 Winner – Cheung Tsz Kin (CDNIS)*
Age 9 Winner – Shannon Ho (CDNIS)*
Age 10 Winner – Oliver Yung (Wah Yan

U6 Section:
1st place: Ng Sheung Yu Ryanna (SMCS)*
2nd place: Annabel Chang (KCS)*
3rd place: Derek Li (St. Stephen)*
Female Champion: Sze Yat Yiu YY (Kau Yan)

U8 Section:
1st place: Tiia Agyeman (GSIS)
2nd place: Rex Lee (CDNIS)*
3rd place: Oscar Tao (Bradbury)
Female Champion: Tiffany Leung (Kau Yan)

U10 Section:
1st place: Thomas Ip (SJS)
2nd place: Chang Keanu Tin Long (CMS)
3rd place: Ishi Agrawal (HKIS)
Female Champion: Meha Agrawal (HKIS)

U12 Section:
1st place: Cheung Hoi Yau Ashley (DGS)
2nd place: Xander Den Hartog (FIS)
3rd plece: Patrick Yu (West Island)
Female Champion: Chen Yi Dan (CDNIS)*

U18 Section:
1st place: Sean Ho (CDNIS)
2nd place: Woody Ho (CDNIS)
3rd place: Matthew Tsoi (CDNIS)

Student name with * is under The Chess Academy coaching.

Our next Chess Tournament is the “End of Year Tournament 2017”. For more detail, please click here.

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