Results of The Chess Academy ActiveKids Fall Open 2017 (Rated Standard)

After 5 rounds of serious competition, The Chess Academy ActiveKids Fall Open 2017 was concluded on 12th Nov, 2017.

The results  and games of the Tournament can be viewed here !

final ranking TCA fall open

In the final round, Henry defeated ex- Hong Kong Champion Andrew Leung and won the championship! Congratulations Henry! Andrew Leung came 2nd with only one loss.

In the U16 Category, James Wing Ki Kwong scored 4 points and won the championship in U16, while Samuel Chun Yung Lam is 2nd Place with 3.5 points.

Below are a few words from our Champion Henry In Hei Ho:

First of all, I would like to thanks active-kids for organising such a great event! The tournament was well organised and hosted on Sunday so it provided more opportunities for HK players like myself to participate and play competitive chess.

Over this tournament, there were ups and downs in my games. The most difficult one should be round 3 against Ronald Choy in which my kingside have been completely demolished but I was lucky to escape with a perpetual. This put me into a must-win situation in the final round with black versus Andrew Leung, the Ex-HK champion. The game was tough and in a difficult middle game position I managed to simplify into a favourable endgame and converted successfully. With this win, I am honoured to claim first place in this tournament.

In the future, I hope active-kids can continue to organise great events like this one and I also encourage all of you to take part and challenge yourself in those future tournaments!”

And our U16 Champion James Kwong would like to share with us the following:

“I try not to put too much pressure on myself; even when I was in an unfavourable situation, I told myself to keep calm & carry on.

In playing this tournament,  there were some challenges. My first opponent was Wilfred Hill-wood, he was a young but tough player. He played active moves. He built a lot of pressure on my queen side and consistently played “fighting chess”. My fourth game against Ronald Choy was a tough game. I played the King’s Indian in which Ronald kept building a kingside attack. Ronald played really well thoughtout this game except for a slight calculation mistake. When I was in an unfavourable situation, I told myself to keep calm and carry on. Thanks to ActiveKids for organising this tournament. I need to work harder to improve my endgame.”


Our next Chess Tournament is the “End of Year Tournament 2017”. For more detail, please click here.

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