The 9th Annual Beginners Tournament 2018

Come join The 9th Annual Beginners Tournament to test you chess skills and have some fun battles! This tournament is aimed for students who never awarded in Top three place at any chess tournament before (Quad Excluded).

Date: Apr 15, 2018 (Sunday)
Time: 1:00 – 6:00pm
Venue: AKLC – Unit A, 1/F, Nan Sang Building, 86 Belcher’s Street, Kennedy Town, HK
Section: U6, U8, U10, U12 & U18
Format: Swiss System with 6 rounds, G/15, 30 minutes a round
Entry fee: $250 if paid by Apr 3, and $300 afterward.

Space is Limited!

To register, please email to


Result of the 9th Annual ISF Academy Chess Open!

Another year of full house at the 9th Annual ISF Academy Chess Open last Sunday on Mar 11, 2018. With over 48 schools and 165 players participating, the event has been a well anticipated tournament for all scholastic chess players in Hong Kong. This year we even offered a little fun for the parents and added a Parents’ Section where 14 chess dad enthusiasts participated!

We were most pleased with the good results and the very positive remarks received from the students/parents about the tournament. Hope to see all the players at the next tournament – The 9th Annual Beginners Tournament (Apr 15, 2018) and The 9th Annual Hong Kong Scholastic Championship (Jun 10, 2018)


Here’s the result of the 9th Annual ISF Academy Chess Open

Age 4 Winner – Qiu, Ze Chen Thomas (ESF Kindy (Tsing Yi)
Age 5 Winner – Lim, Ka Ho Anthony (St. Paul’s Church Kindy)
Age 6 Winner – Chua, Michael Min Heng (ISF)*
Age 7 Winner – Luk, Kin Tsun Danbe (RCHK)
Age 8 Winner – Li, Channing (GSIS)
Age 9 Winner – Tsui, Ho Yan Alexei (RCHK)*
Age 10 Winner – Kannappan, Thanneermalai (Kennedy)*
Age 11 Winner – Guo, Owen (CDNIS)
Age 12 Winner – Wong, Aden (ICS)*
Age 13 Winner – Chang, Roderick (Island School)*
Age 14 Winner – Kwan, Ho (Wah Yan College, Kowloon)
Age 15 Winner – Lau, Eugene (Sha Tin College)
U6 Section – Individual
Champion – Lui Chee Hang (Deborah international Pre-School)
2nd Place – Chang, Annabel (KCS)*
3rd Place – Yau, Chase (ISF)*
4th Place – Yeung, Thomas (KYS)
5th Place – Fang, Eason (ISF)*
6th Place – Yau, Lucas (ISF)*
Female Champion – Tang, Charlotte (KYS)
U6 Section – Team
Champion – The ISF Academy
2nd Place – Kau Yan School
3rd Place – Deborah international Pre-School
4th Place – KCS
5th Place – St. Paul’s Church Kindy

Lower Primary Section – Individual
Champion – Mak, Chung Lai Matthew (Wah Yan)
2nd Place – Peramunetilleke, Savin (Discovery College)
3rd Place – Leung, Yu Kiu (La salle)
4th Place – Uppal, Mahir (Discovery College)
5th Place – Chung, Shing Yau Jason (Pui Ching)
6th Place – Lu, Jacob (SIS)
Female Champion – Chan, Ngo Yu Michelle (KYS)
Lower Primary Section – Team
Champion – Discovery College
2nd Place – Kau Yan School
3rd Place – RCHK
4th Place – BHS
5th Place – The ISF Academy
6th Place – GSIS

Upper Primary Section – Individual
Champion – Peramunetilleke, Seth (Discovery College)
2nd Place – Cheng, Justin Hong-Chen (ISF)
3rd Place – Hill-Wood, Wilfred (Harrow)
4th Place – Iyer, Neel (Delia School of Canada)
5th Place – Han, Ben (ISF)
6th Place – Liu, Yuan Max (ISF)
Female Champion – Li, Joy Ching (Kowloon True Light Middle School (Primay Section))
Upper Primary Section – Team
Champion – The ISF Academy
2nd Place – Kau Yan School
3rd Place – CDNIS
4th Place – HKIS
5th Place – Discovery College
6th Place – Harrow

Secondary Section – Individual
Champion – Kwong, Wing Ki James (La salle College)
2nd Place – Leung, Yu Chung Adrian (La salle College)
3rd Place – Liu, Pak (KGV)
4th Place – Qian, Christopher (ISF)
5th Place – Lam, Hok Him Holmes (Langnam Hang Tee Memorial Secondary School)
6th Place – Wong, Sabrina (ISF)
Female Champion – Wong, Sabrina (ISF)
Secondary Section – Team
Champion – La Salle College
2nd Place – Wah Yan College, Kowloon
3rd Place – The ISF Academy
4th Place – KGV
5th Place – Island School
6th Place – Lingnan Hang Yee Memorial Secondary School