Result of the 8th Annual Hong Kong Scholastic Championship

Checkmate! One of the Biggest The Chess Academy event of this school year – “The 8th Annual Hong Kong Scholastic Championship” was held on last Sunday, Jun 11 at Kellett School Kowloon Bay campus.

With over 110 kids participated and battled for 6 rounds, students were excited about their results. While waiting for the final result, we have arranged a special events for the kids and had more than 60 of them joined the Simul-challenge with our Top 4 coaches.



Below are the results of the tournament.

Age 4 Winner – Annabel Chang (Small World Kindergarten)*
Age 5 Winner – Dan Lupu (Woodland Pre-school)*
Age 6 Winner – Zoe Wang (Woodland Pre-school)*
Age 7 Winner – Ethan Pu (Woodland School)
Age 8 Winner – Mak Chung Lai Matthew (Wah Ya)
Age 9 Winner – Iyer Neel (Delia)
Age 10 Winner- Deth Peramunetilleke (Discovery College)
Age 11 Winner – Damien Man (ISF)*
Age 12 Winner- Kelson Cantrell (HKIS)

Division 1:
Champion – Luk Kin Tsuen Danbe (RCHK)
2nd Place – Gordon Poon (York)
3rd Place – Kayla Mow (SPK)
Female Champion – Blair Man (ISF)*

Team 1st Place : RCHK
Team 2nd Place: Woodland
Team 3rd Place York

Division 2
Champion- Pang Bo (St. Johannes)
2nd Place – Thanneermalai Kannappan (Kennedy)*
3rd Place – Lam, Chun Yung Samuel (ISF)*
Female Champion – Chan Ngo Yu Michelle (Kau Yan)

Team 1st Place Kennedy
Team 2nd Place KCIS
Team 3rd Place GSIS

Division 3:
Champion – Liu Pak (KGV)
2nd Place  – Cheng Justin Hong-Chen (ISF)*
3rd Place – Aaditya Kadam (GSIS)*

Team 1st Place GSIS
Team 2nd Place ISF
Team 3rd Place RCHK

Division 4:
Champion – Leonardo Zapparolia (HKIS)*
2nd Place – Henry Pu (CDNIS)
3rd Place – Au Ka Pang Andy (HKIS)
Female Champion – Wong Chun Yan Sabrina (ISF)*

Team 1st Place ISF
Team 2nd Place HKIS
Team 3rd Place South Island

Student name with * is under The Chess Academy coaching.

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