The Chess Academy

The Chess Academy was founded with the goals of teaching international chess to children and most importantly building children’s character through chess. Chess requires a good understanding of the game, competing, learning from mistakes and challenging oneself. Through this process, children will undoubtedly acquire invaluable skills sets such as developing stronger spatial reasoning, attention span, sportsmanship and confidence.

The program strives to teach these valuable skills by:

  • Nurturing sportsmanship and planning
  • Training patience and good decision making
  • Guiding students in a positive manner
  • Encouraging students to learn from mistakes

At The Chess Academy, we provide the most comprehensive program for children to develop and practice these skill sets.  Besides instructional classes, we will also provide various opportunities for children compete: from less formal weekly mini quad tournaments to more official larger scale interscholastic championships.

Tournaments: We are extremely experienced in running open tournaments.       We offer multiple tournaments throughout the course of the year and we believe tournament is the most important way to develop a student’s chess ability and establish a chess rating. This is also fun, social activity where students often make new friends.

Quads: We host regular mini quad which we believe is an excellent way to practice tournament skills by competing against similar level students and learn about the etiquette of competition.

Camps: We also organize holiday and term break chess camps for students to intensively improve their skills and explore specific topics of chess.

Here is the list of tournament hosted by The Chess Academy every year

Name of the tournament Time
Beginners Tournament Every March/ April
The ISF Academy Chess Open Every March
Hong Kong Scholastic Championship Every June
Novice Tournament Every November
End Of Year Tournament Every December

Students of different levels will meet once a week to learn about the different aspects of chess.  We will also have a regular chess club session on every Saturday to encourage play and to provide plenty of opportunities for students to compete and to enjoy the game.

For More details, please call 3480 4199 or Email to

3 thoughts on “The Chess Academy

  1. Hello!
    My children are 4 to 6 years old. Are there any summer course suitable for them? Any timetable and course fee provided?

    Thank you!

    Mrs. Lee


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