ActiveKids – THE CHESS ACADEMY nurtures Fighters and Champs!!

A Big Congratulations to all the participants’ great efforts at The Hong Kong National Junior Chess Championships 2019 organized by the Hong Kong Chess Federation on February 16, 17; and an EXTRA Congratulations to our ActiveKids’ The Chess Academy (TCA) students and schools that we teach at for their outstanding performances!  We are extremely delighted and proud of all their strong performance.

Some of our TCA students are:

  • Thanneermalai Kannappan (U12 Champion)
  • Ben Xuqian Han                    (U12 Runner-up)
  • Justin Hong-Chen Cheng     (U12 5th Place)
  • Annabel Chang                      (U8 Hong Kong Female Representative)
  • Danbe Luk                              (U8 2nd Place)

ActiveKids TCA
takes great pride and honor in having the opportunity to help hone the chess skills of so many amazing young chess players. We would like to thank our dedicated coaches – especially IM Manuel, WFM Sigappi, Coach Edgar and CM Chris who have devoted their time and efforts in contributing to these particular students’ success and strong school performances at ISF, CIS, RCHK, LSCSK. 

Congrats to all!

The Chess Academy ActiveKids Spring Open 2019 (Rated Standard)

The Chess Academy ActiveKids Spring Open 2019 (Rated Standard)

We welcome all Rated & Unrated players!

Come win some cash awards or Flight ticket Sponsorship for the World Cadet Championship 2019 / International FIDE events!

Details please see Here

For Registration, please send send the Registration Form to

For more details, please contact us at 3480 4199 or

For Pairings and Results List, please check Here

You can download or view the games Here



The Chess Academy presents: The Chess Academy HK vs USC SPAIN

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The Chess Academy presents:

c70d630b-248c-495c-8ae7-7178462a2cf8   VS   c43b3106-1851-45f0-b9ff-de7b247b37b7
Hong Kong                                   Spain

            Feb 10, 2019

Last Sunday, 10th of February, in one of the numerous events organized by The Chess Academy to help our players practice and improve their chess while having fun. We had the opportunity to play a friendly but competitive match against one of the best teams in Spain, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela (USC). Given the time difference the matches were set to start at 5pm Hong Kong time (10am for our opponents).
The players were all very excited and eager to try some of the new strategies they had been studying in their chess lessons. Before the match started both teams spoke for a couple of minutes – introducing themselves and wishing each other good luck.

Everything was set for the match to start. There were 6 players per team and each player played 2 games against the same opponent, one with white pieces and the other one with black. At the end of all the games the team with more points would be declared the winner.

We are delightful to the overall success of the event, everyone could go home happy knowing that they learnt some valuable lessons and got to play some fun and exciting chess matches against tough competition. The Chess Academy will have plenty more chess events for Hong Kong players in the near future.

To view the full result of the competition, please click here




The Chess Academy – Special Event in CNY 2019!

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The Chess Academy presents:

c70d630b-248c-495c-8ae7-7178462a2cf8    VS     c43b3106-1851-45f0-b9ff-de7b247b37b7
Hong Kong                                   Spain

            Feb 10, 2019

We are extremely excited to announce that The Chess Academy has agreed to participate and play against the Universidad Santiago de Compostela (USC) in Spain. USC are the current champions in the Galicia region and one of the top chess clubs in all of Spain! 
The event will be hosted on, and will take place on February 10th from 5 to 7pm (HKT) at ActiveKids Learning Center (Kennedy Town). 
This unique opportunity will pit selected TCA players against a range of rated players, some of whom have won national titles as well! It’s bound to be a tightly-contested event between Hong Kong and Spain, but we’re sure that the experience gained from it will mean that everyone’s a winner.
For more details, please contact us at 3480 4199/