Result of the Hong Kong Scholastic Championship 2019

We would like to say a big Thank you to all the chess players and parents who have been supporting The Chess Academy tournaments through the years. Last Sunday June 9, 2019, we had the 10th Annual Hong Kong Scholastic Championship. With over 130 students battling their brain power, we had our final winners after 6 rounds!

Congratulation to the Winners and below are the result of the tournament

Age 5 Winner – Feng, Emily (York International Kindergarten
Age 6 Winner – Li, Evan (ISF)*
Age 7 Winner – Hui, Travis (ICS)
Age 8 Winner – Leung, Shun Him (ICS)
Age 9 Winner – Lu, Jacob (GSIS)
Age 10 Winner – Mak, Chung Lia Matthew (Wah Yan)
Age 11 Winner – Dai, Andrew Sicheng (ISF)*
Age 12 Winner – Donde, Tanay (HKIS)
Age 13 Winner – Yan, Joseph (CDNIS)
Age 14 Winner – Liu, Pak (KGV)
Age 15 Winner – Ho, Sean Ho-Chun (CDNIS)
Age 16 Winner – Liau, Jason Yi Qian (ISF)

Division I – Individual
Champion – Yau, Chase (ISF)*
2nd Place – Yau, Lucas (ISF)*
3rd Place – Li, Yiheng (KCPS)*
Female Champion – Hari, Anaisha (GSIS)

Division I – Team
Champion Team – ISF
2nd Place Team – KCPS
3rd Place Team – BHS


Division II – Individual
Champion – Hari, Advay (GSIS)
2nd Place – Luk, Danbe (RCHK)*
3rd Place – Puhar , Huw Aaron (PLKCKY)
Female Champion – Florence, Fai Cheung Eaton (GSIS)

Division II – Team
Champion Team – Singapore International School
2nd Place Team – RCHK
3rd Place Team – BHS


Division III – Individual
Champion – Hill-Wood, Wilfred (Harrow)
2nd Place – Liu, Yuan Max (ISF)*
3rd Place – Ho, Lokton (Wah Yan)
Female Champion – Chan, Ngo Yu (KYS)

Division III – Team
Champion Team – Pun U Wah Yan Primary School
2nd Place Team – Discovery College
3rd Place Team – CDNIS


Division IV – Individual
Champion – Han, Xuqian Ben (ISF)*
2nd Place – Kannappan, Thanneermaliai (Kennedy)*
3rd Place – Peramunetilleke, Seth (DC)
Female Champion – Leung, Hoi Ting (KGV)

Division IV – Team
Champion Team – KGV
2nd Place Team – ISF
3rd Place Team – CDNIS


See you all next school year and our next tournament will be the Novice Tournament 2019 in November!