The Chess Academy Asia Pacific Championship U16 – Leg 2

The second Leg in this exciting series of competitions was played last Saturday, December 5, on the Lichess Platform.

There were over 250 participants from 10 different clubs, some of them new to this event. At The Chess Academy Hong Kong we are thrilled to see new clubs from different countries all over the Asia-Pacific region joining the tournaments.

This event started with the purpose of giving all the players an opportunity to test themselves against other kids while having fun, and also as a way to create bonds between all of our different nations and chess clubs. There are 2 more tournaments left in this first edition, but surely this will just be the first one of many others to come.

Going back to the second leg, it started with a lecture by one of the TCA Grandmasters, coach Manuel, who explained a game by Paul Keres, a player considered to be the best in the world at some point in his career (during the 1940s and 50s) that never managed to win the title.

This game was well received by the audience, asking several questions to the GM and offering ideas and solutions to the questions they were asked. After one last reminder about material not being the most important thing to worry about, the tournament was ready to start.

This second leg saw bigger numbers all around: bigger teams, more players, games and moves. 1224 games and over 66 thousand moves later, The Chess Academy Hong Kong finished in first place, followed by Chess Shoots Juniors in 2nd place and Chessnut Academy in 3rd place, while Vivid_Ghost from Chessnut Academy and Pokemon2020 from Looi Chess Club were the individual winners.

The competition was very intense and there were several leader changes. Chess Shoots and The Chess Academy were very close until the last 5 minutes were a few key individual victories gave the Hong Kong team the title.

The fight for 3-6 place was also a very entertaining one and it sets the bar of our expectations really high for the next 2 weeks. If the teams keep performing at this level one thing is guaranteed: not only the players but also the spectators will have a lot of fun.

Congratulations to all the teams, who are getting better and stronger and the players are performing at a really high level. From the TCA team we want to congratulate the young players that are making this result possible: Neel Iyer, Boris Chan and Kainos Wong. They were leading the team this week even being much younger than 16.

The next leg will be played on December 12 at the same time, 6-8pm. We hope to see everyone there and keep having fun playing and watching chess games together!

The Chess Academy Asia Pacific Championship U16 – Leg 1

The first of four legs of The Chess Academy Asia Pacific Championship U16 took place this past Saturday (Nov 28) with an outstanding participation of 220 players from 6 different countries. The tournament was held in the Lichess platform using the Team Arena with masnou pairings.  

The Chess Academy’s Grand Master Coach Andres G. met the players in Zoom, and greeted all the players from Hong Kong and other counties. Then he gave a quick Game Analysis of the famous chess player – Alexander G Sellman. The analysis session was very interactive and inspiring, and all the players actively participated on all the possibilities of moves in the chat.

After the Analysis session, the Asia Pacific battle began! The arena was intense and impressive – 930 games were played within two hours with a total of 49,504 moves played!

The first leg was a huge success with a very respectable number of players representing our very own Hong Kong team The Chess Academy (TCA), with some being the best in their age category. During the 2 hours of  tournament play, TCA maintained the number one spot throughout without much trouble, with Brainbox Chess Academy coming in second place and Looi Chess Club in third, both clubs representing Malaysia. Other teams/countries participating were Тавда from Russia, Champion Chess Academy and ChessNut Academy from India, PowerChess Asia from Singapore and Alpha Chess Club from Japan.

Team and individual results –

TCA was led by chesseditor (Neel Iyer) scoring 21 points of the 174 total points for the team. Rounding the top 10 were also 5 TCA members, JamesKwong (Wing Ki Kwong), Niilo1 (Niilo Nissinen), KainosWong (Kainos Wong) and Samuel101 (Chi Fung Chan). Special congratulations to Kainos for being the youngest at only 8 years old and placing 9th!

The Chess Academy’s Grand Master Coach Andres highlighted his favorite game from the tournament below.

Featured Game – chesseditor (1817) vs ethanwong09 (1901) 1-0

Black has played 16. ..Bc5, how does White react? 17. Bxh7!, a nice sacrifice known as the Greek Gift. The Black King is lured out of the castling position and left exposed. Play continued, 17. ..Kxh7, 18. Ng5+ Kg6, 19. Qd3+ f5 20. exf6+ Kxf6 21. Ne4+, and White went on to win in a couple more moves. Nice execution by chesseditor (Neel Iyer)!

Link to game –

The Chess Academy Asia Pacific Championship U16 was created to allow our students to have opportunities to enjoy the game in a more global arena.  We are very proud and greatly encouraged by the wonderful turnout and successful tournament.

The second leg of The Chess Academy Asia Pacific Championship is scheduled for Saturday December 5th from 6-8pm. For any questions or inquiries please contact us at

The Chess Academy – The Asia Pacific Championship U16

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Result of the TCA Chess Open 2020 (U11 & U18 section)

After a successful part 1 of the TCA Chess Open, last Sunday (Nov 15) continued with the “older” sections, U11 and U18.

With safety measures still in place, 19 kids spread across both sections came together to challenge each other in over-the-board chess which has been a rarity these past months. Both sections saw a dominant player in Max Ye and now a veteran in TCA tournaments, Justin Chen.

U11 Section

The Under 11 age group was won by newcomer to TCA events Max Ye with 4.5pts. After benefiting from a Round 1 bye (13 kids in the section), he went on to win 3 games including against top rank Su Bo Rui and drawing against second ranked Jacob Lu. Not too far behind was Jamison Kao with 4pts, only losing to Max but winning against both top seeds. Also with 4pts and placing 3rd due to tri-breaks was Lingshen Bu, who is actually 8 years old but took the challenge to play against older opponents and also along his older sister, Zhiming Bu who won the female prize.

For U11 section:
Champion – Max Ye (KCIS) 4.5 points
2nd Place – Jamison Kao (HKIS) 4 points
3rd Place – Lingshen Bu (ISF) 4 points
Female Champion – Zhiming Bu (ISF)

U18 Section

The Under 18 age group was played as a round robin and was dominated by the top 2 seeds, Justin Cheng and Theodore Lam. With only 5 players in the sections, both dominated the remaining opposition before drawing against each other. To decide the tie-break for first place a blitz match was played where Justin came out on top. Behind in 3rd place was Mo Fei, who managed to win against the one other female in the section, Lea Tang.

For U18 section:
Champion – Justin Cheng (ISF) 4.5 points
2nd Place – Theodore Lam 4.5 points
3rd Place – Pham Mo Fei (FIS) 3 points
Top Female – Lea Tang (FIS)

Next up in our events will be the Online version of the TCA Chess Open, scheduled for Saturday November 21 from 4-6pm played on the platform. Please join us from the comfort of your own home to play some exciting online chess!

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As you may know, our team of TCA coaches, with 2 GMs and highly experienced FIDE WIF, FI, CM and US Experts, is really the best in Hong Kong.  So if you have interest in our Elite/Advance classes, please give us a call at 3480-4199. 

Result of the TCA Chess Open 2020 (U7 & U9 section)

After a few months without in person competitions given the current restrictions, yesterday (Nov 8) The Chess Academy Hong Kong organized the first of the rapid chess Open Tournaments scheduled for this month.

The safety of the chess players and our staff is on top priority. We have the hand sanitizers for players around the center and the arena, temperature check upon arrival, and most importantly there was 2 age groups playing in one time – Under 7 and Under 9 years old.

After the warm welcoming speech and the briefing of the tournament rules. Players were very excited to start their first game, instead of hand shaking, they had the head nodding before they start. Players tried their best in each round and giving us an intense day full of exciting chess games.

The Under 7 age group was dominated from start to finish by Nathaniel Chiu, who won all the games and looked calm and in control in every game. 

The fight for second place was decided only in the last game, where Brayden Tsui and Claire Wang played face to face. In the end Brayden won this game and finished 2nd. Even after losing Claire completed a really good tournament finishing 3rd and also being the female Champion. Tied with Claire finished Bruce Qin, but a lower tie break score meant he came in 4th place.

For U7 section:
Champion – Chiu Nathaniel Silas (CIS)
2nd Place – Tsui Long Hei Brayden (DBS)
3rd Place – Wang Rosemarie Claire

The older group, Under 9, was very exciting and the use of the chess clock for all the games led to some nerve wracking moments. The rated players in this tournament, Julian Wang and Shun Him Leung were the favorites and they fulfilled the expectations finishing in the first 2 places.

Shun Him played a very solid tournament, winning 5 games (including a very convincing victory over Julian), and only drawing his game against David Chiu.

Julian Wang finished 2nd, only losing to Shun Him.

The 3rd place was for David Chiu, who played a really good tournament, losing only one game against Julian in a game where both players had only a few seconds on the clock and anything could have happened.

For U9 section:
Champion – Leung Shun Him (ICS)
2nd Place – Wang Julian Samuel (SIS)
3rd Place – Chiu David Zion (CIS)
Female Champion – Hari Anaisha (GSIS)

After the tournament all the players stayed for the award ceremony and the closing speech by TCA and Activekids CEO, Grace So.

We have uploaded all photos on The Chess Academy facebook page –

This is only the first event of many more to come in these last couple months of the year. Next Sunday, November 15, the second Chess Open, with the older categories, Under 11 and Under 18. There are still a few open spots for late registration. 

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As you may know, our team of TCA coaches, with 2 GMs and highly experienced FIDE WIF, FI, CM and US Experts, is really the best in Hong Kong.  So if you have interest in our Elite/Advance classes, please give us a call at 3480-4199.  

The Chess Academy Chess Open 2020 (In-person and Online Arena)

The Chess Academy Chess Open 2020 (In-person Arena)

Date: Nov 8 (U7 & U9) and Nov 15 (U11 & U18)
Time: 12:00 – 4:00pm
Venue: ActiveKids Learning Center – Unit A, 1/F, Nan Sang Building, 86 Belcher’s Street, Kennedy Town, HK
Format: 6 rounds Swiss, G/15, 30 minutes a round

The Chess Academy Chess Open 2020 (Online Arena)

Date: Nov 21, 2020
Time: 4:00 – 6:00pm
Section: U7, U9, U11, U18
Format: Masnou style
Time control: 10 minutes + 5 sec

To register, please email player name, D.O.B., School, Grade and lichess ID to

For more details, please contact us at 3480-4199 or

The Chess Academy – TCA Road to Master League

The Chess Academy is offering lots of New and Challenging activities this New School Year! 

Besides our many exciting events thus far, such as the “Simul Challenge with Grand Masters“, the Intercontinental Tournaments against Malaysia and Spain,  the ISF and TCA Grand Prix Tournaments, and the great value TCA Club Subscription, we will be launching a Brand New League Tournament – “TCA Road to Master League“.

This TCA Road to Masters League is unique and offers students plenty of opportunities to keep playing competitive games with a flexible schedule.  This training tournament is especially beneficial to youngsters as they gain experience fighting against the top players.  Since we are only allowing 6 players per Division, we will be narrowing the levels of play so that the games will be more competitive.

Not only are these league games fun, but they are also extremely challenging, allowing students to have the opportunity to move up (or down) Divisions, climbing the ladder towards the Road to the Masters.  In addition, since school will be resuming, the one game-per-week flexible time format will be especially helpful to encourage kids to keep up with the competition.  Our TCA league players will be playing higher-quality, slow time control games – a way that FIDE titles are achieved. We strongly believe that the more tournaments one plays, the more experience one will gain and the better one will become.

Season 1 – First Leg: September 6 to October 10, 2020

Season 2 – Second Leg: October 25 – November 28, 2020
The entry fee for each leg is $100

Please see the League rules Here

To register: Please email us the Name, D.O.B., Lichess ID and the contact details to

Please also note that the fee for this league will be waived when you become a member of our TCA Club Subscription.  Please see the many opportunities and savings that come with the subscription.

For more details, please contact us at 3480-4199 or