Results of the 7th Annual ISF Academy Chess Open 2016

The ISF Academy and The Chess Academy of ActiveKids held the 7th Annual ISF Academy Chess Open on March 20, 2016. Congratulations to the Winners and well done to all!

We had a Record High number of players close to 240 students and over 50 schools participating in this tournament.

Below are the results of this tournament.

2nd Place Team DC

3rd Place Team Kau Yan

Lower Primary

Final Ranking

Upper Primary

Final Ranking

1st Place Team Kau Yan

2nd Place Team ISF

3rd Place Team KJS


Final Ranking

1st Place Team ISF

2nd Place Team GSIS

3rd Place Team CDNIS

The next tournament will be the 7th Annual Beginners Tournament. For more details, please contact us at 3480 4199 or email to


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