The Chess Academy Spring Arena Open 2023

The Chess Academy Spring Arena Open 2023

“Play as many games as you can!”

Come join this tournament and play as fast as you can! The excitement of the games will make your heart beat faster! First round is first come first serve. High speed rotational format. Perfect moment to try new openings and have a lot of experience as you will play at least 10 games! Cool warm up for our big tournament next month the 13th Annuel ISF Open! Players with Higher score in U18U12U10 and U8 will be awarded a prize (medals/ chess sets/ chess clocks).

Date: February 12, 2023 (Sunday)
Time: 10:00am – 1:00pm
Format: Masnou Style (Blitz)
Time control: 5 minutes + 2 sec
Venue: ActiveKids Learning Center – Unit A, 1/F, Nan Sang Building, 86 Belcher’s Street, Kennedy Town, HK
Registration fee: $250 or 50% off for TCA Road to Masters Students.

To register:
By Email:
By whatsapp: 91787376

Space is Limited!

A Vibrant End of the Year in Hong Kong chess!

A Vibrant End of the Year in Hong Kong chess!

The Chess Academy held The 14th Annual End of the Year Tournament at the Bloom KKCA Academy on Dec 4, 2022.  The event was very well attended with over 100 keen young players from 45 different schools.  Thanks to the Bloom KKCA Academy for allowing us to host this event at their beautiful campus!

This year, we have structured a special section in the tournament – the TCA Young Masters Invitational.   We have invited 6 especially talented players in Hong Kong; these talents have represented HK in the Olympiad, East Asian Games and were winners of National Championships.   We hope that by recognizing their achievements and treating them as role models at this event, we could further inspire and encourage other less experienced and young chess players to develop this passion. 

After the 7 rounds of the exciting matches, our Grand Masters Coach Andres, International Master Coach Carlo and the TCA Young Masters did a fun simultaneous demo, which each of them were challenge by 3 players at the same time. For the simultaneous games, the masters would move from one board to another board; they would need to move quickly and have precise thinking on the moves with each opponent.

After the simultaneous games, we finally had our closing ceremony starts. Here is a summary by category, where fair play and enjoyment by the participants prevailed.

In The TCA Young Masters section, Theodore Lam was the champion, with 3.5 points, and only losing to Boris Chan. Second place went to Thanneermalai Kannappan, who accumulated 2.5 points, the same as Boris Chan, who was third.

Johnathan Lundberg won the U7 section convincingly, with 7 victories in 7 games. Second place went to Andrew Liu, with 5.5 points, the same as Colt Ellison, who finished in third position. They were followed by Clayton Lau, with 5 points, became the Age 7 winner. For his part, Charles Ke was the Age 6 winner, accumulating 4 points, and Arthur Chan was the Age 5 winner, with 3 points in the competition.

With the intention of encouraging the female chess playing and presence in the tournaments, unlike most events, we have created a special award category for the top 3 female players. In this event we award trophies to the three best ladies in their respective age groups. In the U7 section, first place went to Sonia Peng, second to Aida Huda Yung and third to Megan Lee. The three players added 3 and a half points, defining the locations with the tiebreakers of Buchholz and Sonneborn-Berger.

The U9 section, we had Patrick Wong as the great winner, with a perfect score of seven victories. The second position for Darius Tan, with 6 points and who only lost to the third placed, Kingsley Chan, who had 5 points. Edward Shi was the Age 8 winner, while Faris Mohiuddin was the Age 9 winner. Among the women, the first was Twisha Srivastava (5 pts.), the second Hei Lam Wong (5) and the third Vivian Sun (4).

The champion of the U11 section was Yueh Hoi Fung, accumulating 6 points out of 7 possible and only losing to Victor Xing. The runner-up was Wen Xi Fan, with 6 points, leader throughout the tournament, but who lost in the last round to the champion. Third place went to Kainos Wong, with 5 points. Hoi Fung Yueh stands out for winning in this category at the age of 9, in addition to the girl Wen Xi Fan, for being second in the general table, which is why Victor Xing received the third prize. Shaunak Bhatewara was the Age 10 winner.  Among the women, the best was the aforementioned Wen Xi Fan, second place for Anika Shenoy Sridhar and third for Chloe Lau.

In the U18 section, the champion was Michael Chan, with 6 victories with 6 points, followed by Pranav Ragavan Sanjay, with 4.5, and Gabriel Yeung, with 4. It is worth highlighting the participation of Leon Han in this range despite being 11 years old, accumulating 4 points, showing a good sporting level. Additionally, the presences of Nathaniel Zhu (winner in the 12 years), Samuel Pitkevich (13 years) and Adrian So (14) were exalted. Among the women the best was Lam Tsz Yin, second Curly Xing and third Margaux Marcet.

Here are the full results of the tournament.

Age 5 winner – Arthur Chan*
Age 6 winner – Charles Ke*
Age 7 winner – Clayton Lau*
Age 8 winner – Edward Shi*
Age 9 winner – Faris Mohiuddin*
Age 10 winner – Shaunak Bhatewara
Age 11 winner – Xia Weijun
Age 12 winner – Nathaniel Zhu*
Age 13 winner – Samuel Pitkevich
Age 14 winner – Adrian So*

For U7 section – Chess-Results Server – TCA – U7 End of Year Tournament 2022

1st place winner – Johnathan Lundberg*
2nd place winner – Andrew Liu*
3rd place winner – Colt Ellison
1st place female – Sonia Peng
2nd place female – Aida Huda Yung
3rd place female – Megan Lee*

For U9 section – Chess-Results Server – TCA -U9 End of Year Tournament 2022

1st place winner – Patrick Wong*
2nd place winner – Darius Tan *
3rd place winner – Kingsley Chan*
1st place female – Twisha Srivastava
2nd place female – Wong Hei Lam*
3rd place female – Vivian Sun*

U11 section – Chess-Results Server – TCA – U11 End of Year Tournament 2022

1st place winner – Yueh Hoi Fung
2nd place winner – Kainos Wong
3rd place winner – Victor Xing
1st place female – Wen Xi Fan
2nd place female – Anika Shenoy Sridhar
3rd place female – Chloe Lau *

U18 section – Chess-Results Server – TCA -U18 End of Year Tournament 2022

1st place winner – Michael Chan
2nd place winner – Pranav Ragavan Sanjay
3rd place winner – Gabriel Yeung
1st place female – Lam Tsz Yin *
2nd place female – Curly Xing
3rd place female – Margaux Marcet

 * Students who are under the coaching of The Chess Academy

We are delighted with the results of all our TCA students and the improvements that they have made.  Our TCA Road-to-Masters Program will start again in January, don’t miss the chance to learn from the BEST TCA Team.

Also, don’t miss our Triple E Winter Camps 2022, students will learn a lot while having tons of laughs! Click here for the camp details.

Stay tuned with The Chess Academy for our upcoming chess events in 2023!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Results of the TCA Novice Tournament 2022

TCA Novice Tournament 2022 – U7, U9, U11 and U18 results

The Chess Academy hosted The 14th Annual TCA Novice Tournament 2022 – an event for our talented beginners in chess to experience what it means to participate in a sports competition. The tournament was reserved for players without previous participation in officially reported championships.

As a way of stimulating the presence of women in our different pedagogical processes, highlighting the triumphs of Chloe Lau (Under-18), Kayley Ho (Under-11), Elise Kelly (Under-9) and Megan Lee (Under-7). Chloe Lau, who turned 10 a few days ago, showed her talent against rivals who were older and experienced.

Hayden Kung led much of the Under-7 category, with 5 wins in the first 5 games, but lost the final one against Colt Ellison, in a vibrant game, which defined first place for Ellison. The champion only lost, in the second round, against Andrew Liu, the third in the final standings.

Kingsley Chan demonstrated his chess potential, winning the Under-9 category, ahead of Edward Shi and Max Pak, a student from our TCA class in the BHS group. Kinsley had to do his best to beat Karis Huang, one of the most outstanding women in the category, in the last round.

Victor Xing won the Under-11 category, with a perfect score after 6 victories in the same number of games. In Sub-18 the first position went to Alyssa Lam, with 4 points.

We hope to continue counting on her presence in our educational processes and events at The Chess Academy!

Here are all the winners in their respective categories:

Age 5 Winner: Arthur, Chan
Age 6 Winner: Eichin Wang ze long
Age 7 Winner: Daniel, Xiang
Age 8 Winner: Wang Shu, Aaron
Age 9 Winner: Jaesung, Yoo
Age 10 winner: Hayden, So
Age 11 winner: Joshua, Shek

U7 Section – Chess-Results Server – TCA Novice Tournament 2022 -U7 Road to Masters
1st place Winner:
Colt, Ellison
2nd place Winner:
Hayden, Kung
3rd place Winner:
Andrew, Liu
Female Champion:
Megan, Lee

U9 Section – Chess-Results Server – TCA Novice Tournament 2022 -U9 Road to Masters
1st place Winner:
Chan, Yau Ting Kingsley
2nd place Winner: Edward, Shi
3rd place Winner: Max, Pak
Female Champion: Elise, Kelly

U11 & U18 Section – Chess-Results Server – TCA NOVICE TOURNAMENT 2022- U11 & U18

For U11 section:
1st place Winner: Victor, Xing
2nd place Winner: Christopher, Yeah
3rd place Winner: Liuruide, Yu
Female Champion: Kayley, Ho

For U18 section:

1st place Winner: Alyssa, Lam
2nd place Winner: Qian, Tsz Man Ryan
3rd place Winner: Gu, Ho Tin
Female Champion: Chloe, Lau

The Chess Academy End of Year Tournament 2022

Come finish off the year with a good Game of Chess!

One of the Biggest TCA Chess Event is back! The Chess Academy cordially invites you to join!

TCA End of Year Tournament 2022!
Date: Dec 4, 2022 (Sunday)
Time: 9:30am – 5:00pm
Venue: Bloom KKCA Academy – 7 Pui Tak Street, Kowloon
Sections: U7, U9, U11 and U18 (Rated Rapid)
Entry fee: $350, 50% off discount for TCA Road-to-Masters Member

There will be lots of fun and Special events for players:
– HK Young Masters Invitational
– Simul challenge with Masters
– Exciting Christmas Raffles for All Players

Space is Limited!

To register:
Register online at
or email the Player Name, D.O.B., School, Grade, Contact no. FIDE ID # (For U18 section) to

For more details, please contact us at 3480-4199/ email to

The Chess Academy Novice Tournament 2022

Come join The Chess Academy Novice Tournament 2022 and test your skills! This is an event for Less Experienced Players!

Date:          Nov 6 & 13, 2022(Sunday)
Time:         1:00 – 5:00pmSection:     Nov 6 for U7 & U9; Nov 13 for U11 & U18
   ActiveKids Learning Center – Unit A, 1/F, Nan Sang Building, 86 Belcher’s Street, Kennedy Town, HK.
Eligibility: Players who have never awarded in top three places at any open chess tournaments (Quad excluded)
Registration fee: $300 or 50% off for students in the TCA Road-to-Masters Program

For more information please see the flyer below. 

To register: Click here to register online or email the registration form to, or fax the form to 8143-0070.

The Chess Academy Autumn Arena Open 2022

The Chess Academy Autumn Arena Open 2022

“Play as many games as you can!”

Come join the new tournament format and have Loads of FUN! Players with Higher score in U18 and U10 will be awarded a prize (medals/chess clocks).

Date: Oct 16, 2022 (Sunday)
Time: 10:00am – 1:00pm
Format: Masnow Style (Blitz)
Time control: 5 minutes + 2 sec
Venue: ActiveKids Learning Center – Unit A, 1/F, Nan Sang Building, 86 Belcher’s Street, Kennedy Town, HK
Registration fee: $300 or 50% off for TCA Road to Masters Students.

To register:
By Email:
By whatsapp: 91787376

Space is Limited!

For more details, please contact us at 34804199 or

♟THE CHESS ACADEMY OPEN HOUSE (Aug 21,28,29, Sept 3)♟

Come learn from Grand Master Andres and International Master Carlo about our NEW & EXCITING Chess Coaching Scheme to develop life-long chess skills.

It will be A FUN Day of Chess for Total Beginners to Expert Level players.

Date: Aug 21,27, 28, Sep 3
Sections: S1 – 3:00 – 4:00pm; S2 – 4:00 – 5:00pm, S3 – 5:00 – 6:00pm

Activities include:
♟ Lecture & Assessment
♟ Mini Tournaments
♟ Simul with GM/IM
♟ Parents Info Sessions

All Parents and Children are WELCOME to join for FREE!
Adult assessments are also available.

Space is limited! Please RSVP Today!
Scan QR Code & Register Online
By Email:
By Phone: 34804199
By Whatsapp: 91787376

For more details, please contact us at 34804199 or

Results of TCA Hong Kong Scholastic Championship 2022

The Chess Academy (TCA) has recently organized The 12th Annual Hong Kong Scholastic Championship on June 26th at the iMusic Academy – a special event to finish off this School Year.  The tournament included 5 exciting rounds governed by the Swiss system. This TCA Scholastic Championship was a true success with over 40 schools and close 100 students participating across four Divisions. 

Here is an overview of the results.

Age 5 winner: Chan, Arthur (RCHK)
Age 6 winner: Chu, Lai Yin Quentin (St. Catherine’s International Kindergarten)
Age 7 winner: Lundberg, Jonathan (ICHK)
Age 8 winner: Wong, Patrick (Kennedy)
Age 9 winner: Yueh, Kevin Hoi Fung (Tsung Tsin Primary School and Kindergarten)
Age 10 winner: Tsang, Aldrik (NAIS)
Age 11 winner: Chan, Adrian (RCHK)
Age 12 winner: Wong, Chee See Aaden (GSIS)
Age 14 winner: Law, Wing Hin Alvin (West Island School)
Age 15 winner: Ip, Thomas (Shatin College)
Age 17 winner: Liu, Pak (KGV)
Age 18 winner: To, Ka Tsun (Wah Yan College, HK)

Division 1 –
The Division 1 with 6 players under the age of 6 years old. The general winner of this category was Ao, King Chee (4,5 points out of 5), beating Quentin Chu, Arthur Chan, Charles Ke and Arjun Kumar and having a draw against Luke Cai, saving a very difficult position for the champion. The second place was for Charles Ke (4 points), only losing against the Division’s winner and defeating the other players, and the third one was for Cai Zian Luke (3,5) who only lost against the runner-up Charles and tied against the champion Chee.

Individual Winners:
1st Place Winner – Ao, King Chee (HK Ling Liang Church Kindergarten)
2nd Place Winner – Ke, Charles (ISF)
3rd Place Winner – Cai, Zian Luke (YCIS)

School Team:
1st Place Team – HK Ling Liang Church Kindergarten
2nd Place Team – ISF
3rd Place Team – YCIS

Division 2 –
The Division 2 winner was Ao Lok Chee (4.5), with 4 wins and a draw, beating Santhosh Abhinav (W.O.) in the first round, Dennis Theodore Tie in the second, Wong Hoi Cheung in the third and Patrick Wong in the fifth. The only draw was against Yueh Kevin Hoi Fung, in round 4 of the tournament. The second position was reached by Zachary Liu, having a very strong fight with 4 other players who finished with 4 points but having a better rating in the tiebreakers, leaving Wong Hoi Cheung in third place.                            

Individual Winners:
1st Place Winner – Ao, Lok Chee (HKUGAPS)
2nd Place Winner – Liu, Zachary (Singapore International School)
3nd Place Winner – Wong, Hoi Cheung (HHCKLA Buddhist Wisdom Primary School)
4th Place Winner – Wang, Zun Kui Randy (Kiangsu & Chekiang Primary School)
5th Place Winner – Song, Sichen Jeremy (Singapore International School)
6th Place Winner – Ellison, Colt (Chiu Sheung school)
Female Champion – Wong, Hei Lam (Pui Ching)

School Team:
1st Place Team – Singapore International School  
2nd Place Team – BHS
3rd Place Team – GSIS

Division 3 –
The top ranked in Division 3 responded to his favoritism, placing in the top three positions in the same order of their rating: champion Chan Pui Yin Brandon (1,356 rating and 4.5 points), second place to Julian Wang (1,353 and 4 pts.) and to third place Su Bo Ruei Marcus (Elo 1056 and 4 pts.). Another 4 players reached 4 points, demonstrating the balanced level of the category. The three on the podium finished undefeated: the champion, Brandon, only lost half a point to the second, Julian.                  

Individual Winners:
1st Place Winner – Chan, Pui Yin Brandon (NAIS)
2nd Place Winner – Wang, Julian (Singapore International School)
3nd Place Winner – Su, Bu Ruei Marcus (Island School)
4th Place Winner – Tsang, Jasper (Shrewsbury International School)
5th Place Winner – Wong, Kainos (CAIS)
6th Place Winner – Xu, Anlan (RCHK)
Female Champion – Chen, Renee (CDNIS)

School Team:
1st Place Team – NAIS
2nd Place Team – RCHK
3rd Place Team – GSIS

Division 4 –

The number 3 ranked in the initial list, Guo Bo Kai Owen, was the winner of Division 4, being the only one of all the categories to win all 5 games in dispute: he beat, in his order, Gerard Lee, Law Wing Hin Alvin, To Ka Tsun, Wong Adrian Kwan Yui and Wong Chi Fung David.                     

Individual Winners:
1st Place Winner – Guo, Bo Kai Owen (GSIS)
2nd Place Winner – Wong, Adrian Kwan Yui (Cheung Chuk Shan College)
3nd Place Winner – Wong, Chi Fung David (Wah Yan College HK)

School Team:
1st Place Team – Wah Yan College
2nd Place Team – GSIS
3rd Place Team – Cheng Chuk Shan College & Shatin College

*Students / Schools under TCA coaching

We hope to meet all players again in the near future. Last but not least, don’t miss the chance to sharpen your skills in chess with our High Caliber TCA Team at ActiveKids Summer Camps 2022, there are camps for players from beginner to Experienced to Advanced levels!
Facebook: / thechessacademyhk

The Chess Academy – Hong Kong Scholastic Championship 2022

The Chess Academy – Hong Kong Scholastic Championship 2022


Join The TCA Hong Kong Scholastic Championship to finish off this School Year!!

Come represent your school or yourself at this – “Interschool and Individual tournament”

Date: Jun 26, 2022 (Sunday)
Time: 12:00 – 6:00pm
Format: 5 rounds Swiss, G/20, 40 minutes a round
Venue: HK iMusic Academy – G03 (G/F), 33 Marble Road, North Point (MTR Exit A2)
Registration fee: Early Bird Discount HK$320 on or before May 31, HK$380 after May 31; Deadline June 24. Free for all TCA Annual members.

To register: Scan QR code to book online or please send us the Player Name, D.O.B., School, Grade and Contact no. to

For inquiries, please contact us at 34804199/

Results of the TCA Spring Open 2022

Another Successful TCA Spring Open 2022!!

With more than 60+ players, ActiveKids hosted the TCA Spring Open 2022.  The tournament was divided into four sections: U-8, U-12, U-16 and Open categories. Here is a summary of the podiums of each of the sections from last Saturday, April 16, 2022.

Patrick Wong was the champion in the U-8 category, with three wins and two draws, for fourth points out of a possible 5. Patrick kept an active king pawn game with white pieces and seeking the initiative even with black, using the Sicilian Defence. Jacob Chan finished in second place, recovering from a first round loss to Zachary Tong and winning the remaining fourth games. Third place was Lincoln Or, with 3.5 points.

Champion: Patrick Wong- 4.
2nd: Jacob Chan- 4.
3rd: Lincoln Or- 3.5.

Patrick Wong (U-8), winning on time in the last game despite making a mistake in the endgame.

In the U-12 category, the winner was Advay Hari, with a perfect score: five wins in the same number of games. Advay took advantage of the mistakes of his rivals at crucial moments of the games, after proposing a Sicilian Defense with the black pieces and a king pawn with the white ones, in an almost permanent attack arrangement. Aaden Wong, second in this section, only lost to the champion, showing active play in the other games with a predilection for the Italian Opening (with white pieces) and the Sicilian Defense (with black). George Davies, for his part, won all his games except the duel against Aden Wong, in a Giuoco Piano that led to an ending that he could have won, but in which his rival was more precise.

Champion: Advay Hari- 5 points.
2nd: Aaden Wong- 4.
3rd: George Davies- 3.5.

Aaden Wong resigns before the inevitable coronation of Advay Hari (U-12), in the game between the two best in the category.

In the U-16 section, the first classified was Leonie Ah Chong, with five wins in her five games and with a high technical level most of the time, leaving Theodore Lam second and Cheng Tsz in third. In the first round, there was a confrontation between those who would occupy the first two places in the table, with a victory for Leonie after a Pirc Defense of Theodore that was broken with an avalanche of white pawns that avoided the balance.

Champion: Leonie Ah Chong – 5 points.
2nd: Theodore Lam- 4.
3rd: Cheng Tsz In – 3.5.

Leonie (U-16), with white pieces, finishing with a combination and checkmating Theodore Lam in the decisive game between the two best in the category, which took place in round 1.

Edgardo Borigas was the king in the absolute section, winning all his games and exhibiting a refined technical handling of positions with relative equality. Borigas defeated his rivals by alternating the French Defense and schemes related to the London System to maneuver in the Middle Game and take advantages that led him to overall victory. Pracheesh Mishra placed second and Julian Wang third in this section.

Champion: Edgardo Borigas- 5 points.
2nd: Pracheesh Mishra- 3.5.
3rd: Julian Wang- 3.

Pracheesh Mishra resigns with for the decisive advantage of Borigas in the endgame of pawns, in the game that faced the two best of the Open.

Stay tuned for the upcoming TCA events!