Result of the Novice Tournament 2018

The Chess Academy conducted the 10th Annual Novice Tournament on Nov 11, 2018. With over 65 participants in this years tournament we were privileged to witness some thrilling games. The tournament proved to be a valuable experience for all as participants were able to test some of the tactics and strategies that they developed through the Academy.

We are delighted with the results of The Chess Academy students. Congratulations to all the winners and a big round of applause to all participants involved!





Age 5 Winner – Evan Li (SJS)*
Age 6 Winner – Emmanuel Chen (Kingston)*
Age 7 Winner – Aaron Chang (ISF)*
Age 8 Winner – Chiu Quinton Chung Hin (KJS)*
Age 9 Winner – Jack Gilbert (RCHK)*
Age 10 Winner – Leung Pun Lap Bosco (Alliance Primary School)

U6 section –
Champion – Li Yiheng (KCPS)*
2nd Place – Brian Yao (ISF)*
3rd Place – Cheung Sze Yui Marcus (St. Louis)
Female Champion – Sze Yat Yiu (S.K.H. LMCMPS)

U8 section –
Champion – Li YueKun (ISF)*
2nd Place – Gordon Poon
3rd Place – Max Dingwell (GSIS)*
Female Champion – Boon Yi Ching Hilary (CDNIS)*

U10 section –
Champion – Wong Yik Lai Ethan (QBS)
2nd Place – Xing Xin Curly (KCPS)
3rd Place – Wilkson Lee (AIS)
Female Champion – Li CanCan (Peak)*

U12 & U18 section –
U12 Champion – Oliver Yung (NAIS)
U12 2nd Place – Anakin Curtis Pang (RCHK)
U18 Champion – Eric Jiang (ISF)*
U18 2nd Place – Cavis Chan (RCHK)

Students with * is under The Chess Academy coaching

This is the first tournament of the school year 2018 – 19 and more tournaments are coming! Our next Tournament will be the 10th Annual End of Year Tournament and we welcome all chess lovers to participate in this Year End event!

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The Chess Academy ActiveKids Winter Open 2018 – 19 (Rated Standard)

The Chess Academy ActiveKids Winter Open 2018 -19 (Rated Standard)

We welcome all Rated & Unrated players!

Come win some cash awards and/or Free Chess classes conducted by ActiveKids International Master!

Details please see Here

For Registration, please send send the Registration Form to

For more details, please contact us at 3480 4199 or

For Pairings and Results List, please check Here

You can download or view the games Here


The Chess Academy – Novice Tournament 2018

Here comes The Chess Academy first chess tournament in School Year 2018 – 19!

The 10th Annual Novice Tournament
Date: Nov 11, 2018 (Sunday)
Time: 1:00 – 6:00pm
Location: ActiveKids Learning Center – Unit A, 1/F, Nan Sang Building, 86 Belcher’s Street, Kennedy Town, HK.

For more information please see flyer below. To sign up please email your name, school, section and contact to, or fax the form to 8143-0070.
Should you have any queries or require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us at 3480-4199.



The Chess Academy ActiveKids Fall Open 2018 (Rated Standard)

The Chess Academy ActiveKids Fall Open (Rated Standard) 2018The Chess Academy ActiveKids Fall Open 2018 (Rated Standard)

We welcome all Rated & Unrated players!

Come win some cash awards and/or Free Chess classes conducted by ActiveKids International Master!

Details please see Here

For Registration, please send send the Registration Form to

For more details, please contact us at 3480 4199 or

For Pairings and Results List, please check Here

You can download or view the games Here



The Chess Academy – Call us today for a Complimentary Chess Assessment!

Our regular chess classes are suitable for kids ages 4 – 17 from Absolute Beginners to Advanced Tournaments Players, we will gather students with similar abilities into one class. 

Call us today to book a complimentary chess assessment to check your child’s chess skill level. New group classes open every month!

(T) 3480 4199  (E)



GM Zhu Chen promotes development Chess in Hong Kong

GM Zhu Chen promotes development Chess in Hong Kong

Former World Chess Champion GM Zhu Chen made an honorable visit to Hong Kong to participate in a Simultaneous Chess Event organized by the Hong Kong Chess Federation and partly sponsored by The Chess Academy of ActiveKids.  This is the second event in recent months where prominent Grand Masters had honored their presence at the ActiveKids TCA headquarters in Hong Kong; GM Samuel Shankland also visited ActiveKids TCA last month.

Featured below are the President and Vice President of the Hong Kong Chess Federation – Mr Robin Lai and Mr KK Chan respectively, together with the Coach of ActiveKids, the Venezuelan IM Juan Röhl and the honorable GM Zhu Chen.

GM Zhu Chen with KK Chan, Robin Lai and IM Juan Röhl

All boards prepared
Robin Lai prepare the Boards

Robin Lai explains the details to Zhu Chen
Robin Lai explain the details for Zhu Chen

GM Zhu Chen gives his thanks to KK Chan

The event was played on Monday August 27, 2018 at 7:00pm. There was participation from 9 outstanding chess players of different ages of Hong Kong – the present and future of chess champs on the Island.

View of the Activity

The children are all engaged in the activity

The Children of Hong Kong present in the activity

The battle lasted 2 hours, where every participant showed their best attack and counter attack weapons; but the experience and solidity of the Former World Champion finally prevailed.  This talented player, originally from Whenzou in China, was named World Champion in defeating in 2001 the Russian GM Alexandra Kosteniuk by 5 to 3, to become the Ninth World History ChampionShe currently represents Qatar and is married to GM Mohamad Al Modiakhi.

The final result of the event was 8 wins and 1 draw against the young talent William Shi who could defend sharply and complicate the game to reach a fair result of draw, after activating his pieces, especially his Rook and his Bishop, the GM Zhu Chen showed an excellent level of play, solid and with a wide repertoire of Openings both 1.e4 and 1.d4 with Kings Indian Defense, Sicilian, the fashionable Italian Opening were present in the picturesque activity. (All Games are Analyzed by IM Juan Röhl)

All Participants next to GM Zhu ChenAll Participants next to GM Zhu Chen

Currently holds an ELO of 2423, GM Zhu Chen highlighted the work being done by ActiveKids in the promotion of Chess in Hong Kong.  Similarly, last month with the presence of the US Champion, GM Samuel Shankland who shared an excellent reading on the “Calculation in Strategic Positions” with Analysis Games from World Champion Magnus Carlsen and from Samuel’s own experience in the USA.

Click here for more photos and details of the event



Welcome back to School! Come and join ActiveKids Afterschool programs at Schools and many other locations!

Welcome Back to School!

It’s Time to plan for your child’s Afterschool Activities. Come check out our exciting Chess, Science, Cooking, Coding, Arts and Design course. There must be something for your children!

When:            All year round
 60+ Top International  & Local Schools/
ActiveKids Learning Center (AKLC – Kennedy Town)
To enroll:       Please submit application form to
For enquiry:  Please call 3480 4199/ 91787376



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Super Grand Master Sam Shankland Visited The Chess Academy ActiveKids

The Chess Academy has again put in extra effort in enriching our students!

ActiveKids TCA is so proud to have Super Grandmaster Sam Shankland grace us presence at our ActiveKids Learning Center on July 23! 

This is an incredible honor for out Academy to have THE US Chess Champion 2018, World Ranking #27 (#4 in 2018), FIDE 2727 and Winner of so many major World tournamentsSGM Sam Shankland to meet with our ActiveKids TCA students and families at the event.

SGM Shankland first claimed his International Master (IM) title at the young age of 17 and then shortly earned his Grandmaster title at the age of 20.  The SGM shared his inspiring chess stories and even imparted his teaching on “Calculations in Strategic Positions” at the event!

As shown in the many pictures, this was an extremely exciting and fruitful ActiveKids TCA event that brought extra inspiration and encouragement to our young fans.

As our ActiveKids mission – we will always try our very best to provide the best enrichments to our students, so that they can develop the love of life-long learning.


啟趣教育「棋藝學院」(ActiveKids TCA)再次努力為學生加添豐富棋藝體

ActiveKids TCA非常榮幸,於7月23日邀请到來自美國的國際象棋特級大師 Super-Grandmaster (SGM) Sam Shankland,親臨我們 AcitveKids啟趣教育中心並作臨場指導!

這次ActiveKids TCA的到訪,可謂對我們「棋藝學院」增光不少。

這位曾獲2018美國國際象棋賽冠軍, 世界排名 #27 (#4 2018), 國際棋聯等級FIDE2727和多項主要的世界錦標賽冠軍得主SGM Sam Shankland會見我們ActiveKids TCA 的小棋手和家長

想當年SGM Sam Shankland剛17歲小小年紀已經榮獲International Master (IM) 大師的頭銜, 並在20歲時獲得了他的 Grandmaster (GM) 特級大師頭銜。在ActiveKids TCA 這次的訪問期間,他跟小棋手提及到自己在象棋路上的心路歴程,更和他們分享他對 戰略位置計算 的心得!相信這些寶貴的經驗分享,已經像種子般深深的埋藏在每一位小棋手的心中,看什麼時候可以孕育成國際象棋的參天巨樹。

從當天的相片可見,這次聚會着實是令人非常興奮和富有成效,也為我們的年輕象棋粉絲們帶來了額外的靈感和鼓勵。現正身處海南參加第八届超級大師比賽,我們恭祝SGM Shankland 事事順利,棋技再創高峯。

我們ActiveKids的使命就是 —  讓我們盡最大努力為學生提供最豐富的優質教育,以便他們培養對終身學習的熱愛。