Results of the “Reds against Racism” Online Tournament

This past Sunday evening we had the pleasure of participating in the special Reds against Racism
tournament, hosted by FC Bayern Munchen. In a field of 13 teams, spreading from Hong Kong all the way
to Argentina, and some countries in between, around 300 kids took part in this team arena event. TCA
would end up in 3rd place, behind OFS (Overseas Family School) Singapore, and East Anglian Jr Chess,
which was composed of various Jr chess clubs in the UK.

Complete results –

Soon after the team arena, the individual portion of the event started. With the opportunity to be paired
against Grandmaster’s Alonso Rossell, Spain and Michael Bezold, Germany, many took the challenge.
Our own TCA student, Michael Lam was one of the lucky ones to be paired, and although lost I’m sure
there is a great lesson, don’t get many options to play Grandmasters!

In this position, white played d5, weakening e5 and the GM did not forgive.

Complete game –

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