Results of the TCA Novice Tournament 2022

TCA Novice Tournament 2022 – U7, U9, U11 and U18 results

The Chess Academy hosted The 14th Annual TCA Novice Tournament 2022 – an event for our talented beginners in chess to experience what it means to participate in a sports competition. The tournament was reserved for players without previous participation in officially reported championships.

As a way of stimulating the presence of women in our different pedagogical processes, highlighting the triumphs of Chloe Lau (Under-18), Kayley Ho (Under-11), Elise Kelly (Under-9) and Megan Lee (Under-7). Chloe Lau, who turned 10 a few days ago, showed her talent against rivals who were older and experienced.

Hayden Kung led much of the Under-7 category, with 5 wins in the first 5 games, but lost the final one against Colt Ellison, in a vibrant game, which defined first place for Ellison. The champion only lost, in the second round, against Andrew Liu, the third in the final standings.

Kingsley Chan demonstrated his chess potential, winning the Under-9 category, ahead of Edward Shi and Max Pak, a student from our TCA class in the BHS group. Kinsley had to do his best to beat Karis Huang, one of the most outstanding women in the category, in the last round.

Victor Xing won the Under-11 category, with a perfect score after 6 victories in the same number of games. In Sub-18 the first position went to Alyssa Lam, with 4 points.

We hope to continue counting on her presence in our educational processes and events at The Chess Academy!

Here are all the winners in their respective categories:

Age 5 Winner: Arthur, Chan
Age 6 Winner: Eichin Wang ze long
Age 7 Winner: Daniel, Xiang
Age 8 Winner: Wang Shu, Aaron
Age 9 Winner: Jaesung, Yoo
Age 10 winner: Hayden, So
Age 11 winner: Joshua, Shek

U7 Section – Chess-Results Server – TCA Novice Tournament 2022 -U7 Road to Masters
1st place Winner:
Colt, Ellison
2nd place Winner:
Hayden, Kung
3rd place Winner:
Andrew, Liu
Female Champion:
Megan, Lee

U9 Section – Chess-Results Server – TCA Novice Tournament 2022 -U9 Road to Masters
1st place Winner:
Chan, Yau Ting Kingsley
2nd place Winner: Edward, Shi
3rd place Winner: Max, Pak
Female Champion: Elise, Kelly

U11 & U18 Section – Chess-Results Server – TCA NOVICE TOURNAMENT 2022- U11 & U18

For U11 section:
1st place Winner: Victor, Xing
2nd place Winner: Christopher, Yeah
3rd place Winner: Liuruide, Yu
Female Champion: Kayley, Ho

For U18 section:

1st place Winner: Alyssa, Lam
2nd place Winner: Qian, Tsz Man Ryan
3rd place Winner: Gu, Ho Tin
Female Champion: Chloe, Lau

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