Another fantastic day of attacking chess! We were back to our comfort zone and played our usual opening repertoire. Still, there were many decisive games and even some upsets from players in the lower bracket. With 7 rounds to go, there is plenty of time to make up some ground in the ranking list.

Here are the Standings and Highlights for Day 3:


Points earned from Grand Prix No 3 Arena:

1. BentFlappingSushi     20
2. kannat1                        15
3. Henryli2012                12
4. Zig_Hon2008               10
5. Jacobbwj9                     6
6. yhoratio                         5
7. KaydenChan                 4
8. randy_wang                  3
9. ethanos128                    2


1. kannat1                          50
2. Henryli2012                  47
3. BentFlappingSushi      36
4. Zig_Hon2008                 34
5. Jacobwj9                        17
6. KaydenChan                 16
7. yhoratio                         11
8. randy_wang                   9
9. Bruce-qin                       6
10. ethanos128                  5
11. winston-qin                 1


Game of the Day:

kannat1 vs Henryli2012 1-0


In this position coming from a Sicilian Dragon (surprise!), where opposite side castling occurs often, we have a very tactical and dynamic position. Here Black plays 19. ..e5 , attempting to push back the centralized Knight in d4. The computer engine suggests g5, with a counterattack and ideas of opening the g and h files for the Rooks. In the game, 20. Nf5!? Was played, creating a checkmate threat in 1! Leaving Black with an important decision to make. The game followed 20. ..BxNf5 21. gxBf5 Nxh5?? , which then White correctly exchanged the Rook in 22. RxNh5 and went on to win in a couple more moves. Amazing attack!


Tip of the Day

One thing noticed in many of the games is that people are trading when down in material! If we blunder a piece, we try to maintain pressure by playing as actively as possible with our remaining pieces, if we continue to trade (unless there is an exceptional reason, like checkmate, or winning back material) we are just helping the play of our opponent be easier.

Have a good day and remember tomorrow’s tournament is at 10am! We will be going back to the Sicilian Dragon starting position.

Also, Chess Club tournament from 4-6pm tomorrow Saturday!

See you there!

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