Result of the 10th Annual ISF Academy Chess Open 2019


Another year of full house at the 10th Annual ISF Academy Chess Open last Sunday on Mar 10, 2019. With over 68 schools and close to 250 players participating, the event is The BIGGEST Chess Tournament that students look forward to in Hong Kong!

After the initial handshakes, each player engaged in six rounds of chess in a gym charged with high-intensity, brain power.  From the youngest 4-year-old player to the oldest 18-year-olds, everyone had fun while giving maximum effort.  After over six hours of ‘battle’, everybody was proud of the fantastic brain workout and attitude that the participants produced.

The event was a resounding success. Special thanks go to all the devoted parents who patiently stood by the students’ sides throughout the whole day for both physical and mental support. We were most pleased with the excellent results and the very positive remarks received from the students/parents about the tournament. Hope to see all the players at the next tournament – The 10th Annual Beginners Tournament (Apr 14, 2019) and The 10th Annual Hong Kong Scholastic Championship (Jun 9, 2019)

As our ActiveKids’ constant efforts to improve ourselves and to invest into our resources, we are also extremely proud to have a Grand Master (GM) joining ActiveKids TCA Team in the beginning of April. He will be the FIRST and ONLY GM actively coaching in HK!




Below are the results of the tournament

Students/ Schools with (*) are under The Chess Academy coaching

Age Winners:
Age 5 Winner –
Qiu, Ze Chen Thomas (ESF Hillside)
Age 6 Winner – Belza, Garcia Nora (ISF)*
Age 7 Winner – Li Yiheng (KCPS)*
Age 8 Winner – Chan, Pak Hang Clarence (Raimondi College Primary School)*
Age 9 Winner – Chen, Vincent (CIS)*
Age 10 Winner – Chan, Wang Ip Boris (St. Louis School)
Age 11 Winner – Ting, William (Oblate Primary School)
Age 12 Winner – Gupta, Ritvik (GSIS)*
Age 13 Winner – Hsin, Hung Cheng (CDNIS)*
Age 14 Winner – Lee, Tsz Long Adrian (Baptist Lui Ming Choi Sec Sch)
Age 15 Winner – Kwan, Ho (Wah Yan College, Kowloon)
Age 16 Winner – Qian, Christopher (ISF)*
Age 17 Winner – Tsoi, Mike (Harrow)
Age 18 Winner – Wei, Vincent (Harrow)


Age 6 & Under Individual
Champion – Qin, Bruce (Victoria Kindy)*
2nd place – Lai, Tin Lap Christopher (KCS)
3rd place – Hill-Wood, Oliver (Harrow)
4th place – Li, Evan (ISF)*
5th place – Song, Hao Yu Thomas (ISF)*
6th place – Liang, Zhi Yuan, Eric (ISF Pre-school)*
Female Champion – Li, Erin (ISF Pre-School)*

Age 6 & Under Team
Champion Team – ISF Academy*
2nd place team – ISF Pre-School*
3rd place team – Victoria Kindy*
4th place team – KCS
5th place team – Harrow
6th place team – ESF Kindy (Hillside)


Lower Primary Individual
Champion – Puhar , Llewellyn Jack (PLKCKY)
2nd place – Lu, Jacob (SIS)
3rd place – Pu, Ethan (HKIS)
4th place – Luk, Kin Tsun, Danbe (RCHK)*
5th place – Chan, Tai Yuen Gabriel (BHS)*
6th place – Su, Bo Ruei Marcus (BHS)*
Female Champion – Chang, Annabel (ISF)*

Lower Primary Team
Champion Team – BHS*
2nd place Team – Singapore Int’l School
3rd place Team – GSIS
4th place Team – ISF*
5th place team – La Salle Pri Sch
6th place team – CIS*


Upper Primary Individual
Champion – Kannappan, Thanneermalai (Kennedy)*
2nd place – Mak, Chung Lai Matthew (Pan U Wah Yan)
3rd place – Liu, Yuan, Max (ISF)*
4th place – Wong, Adrian Kwan Yui (CSHK)
5th place – Li, Joy Ching (KTLPS)
6th place – Hill-Wood, Wilfred (Harrow)
Female Champion – Chan, Ngo Yu Michelle (KYS)

Upper Primary Team
Champion Team – ISF*
2nd place Team – GSIS
3rd place Team – KYS
4th place Team – HKIS
5th place Team – La Salle Primary
6th place Team – RCHK*


Secondary Individual
Champion – Peramunetilleke, Seth (DC)
2nd place – Han, Ben (ISF)*
3rd place – Cheng, Justin Hong-Chen (ISF)*
4th place – Leung, Yu Chung Adrian (La Salle College)
5th place – Kwan, Ming Hin (Wah Yan College, Kowloon)
6th place – Liu, Pak (KGV)
Female Champion – Cui, Jiyan Jennifer (Harrow)

Secondary Team
Champion Team – ISF*
2nd place Team – Wah Yan College, Kowloon
3rd place Team – CDNIS*
4th place Team – Harrow
5th place Team – La Salle
6th place Team – KGV

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