Result of the 9th Annual Hong Kong Scholastic Championship

The 9th Annual Hong Kong Scholastic Championship was successfully conducted on Jun 10, 2018. We had over 130 students battling their brain power to win the prizes. Beside the Trophies, this year SmarTone has sponsored some Great Prizes to the Individuals and Teams Champions.

The Chess Academy was proudly presented the Electronic Chess board in the Scholastic tournament! We have Top 2 boards in Division IV, using the Electronic Chess boards. The games was projected on screen for live and parents & students could see the games instantly. 




Here’s the result of the tournament

Age 5 Winner – Oliver Hill-wood (Harrows)
Age 6 Winner – Joanthan You (Kingston)
Age 7 Winner – Luk Kin Tsun Danbe (RCHK)
Age 8 Winner – Savin Peramunetilleke (DC)
Age 9 Winner – Mak Chung Lai Matthew (Wah Yan)
Age 10 Winner – Dai Andrew Sicheng (ISF)
Age 11 Winner – Liu Yuan Max (ISF)*
Age 12 Winner – Joseph Yan (CDNIS)
Age 13 Winner – Liu Pak (KGV)
Age 14 Winner – Esmond Wong (PLKCKY)
Age 15 Winner – Christopher Qian (ISF)*
Age 16 Winner – Charles Liu (PLKCKY)

Division I – Individual
Champion – Xue, Tian Hao (Victoria Kindergarten)
2nd Place – Annabel Chang (KCS)*
3rd Place – Dan Lupu (Kennedy)

Division I – Team
Champion Team – Victoria Kindergarten
2nd Place Team – KCS
3rd Place Team – Kennedy School

Division II – Individual
Champion – Jacob Lu (SIS)
2nd Place – Samuel Lam (ISF)*
3rd Place – Zhou Shennuo (N.T. LEUNG SING TAK PRIMARY SCHOOL)

Division II – Team
Champion Team – Pun U Association Wah Yan Primary School
2nd Place Team – RCHK*
3rd Place Team – Discovery College, GSIS, SIS

Division III – Individual
Champion – Seth Peramunetileke (DC)
2nd Place – Oliver King (HKIS)
3rd Place – Wilfred Hill-wood (Harrows)

Division III – Team
Champion Team – HKIS
2nd Place Team – ISF & KCIS

Division IV – Individual
Champion – William Shi (Delia School of Canada)
2nd Place – Cheng Justin Hong-Chen (ISF)*
3rd Place – Ben Han (ISF)*

Division IV – Team
Champion Team – ISF*
2nd Place Team – KGV
3rd Place Team – PLKCKY

Our next tournament will be the Novice Tournament 2018 in November!

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