Record High Turnout – Crowning 22 New Champions at the 8th Annual ISF Chess Open

On March 12, The Chess Academy in conjunction with The ISF Academy hosted Hong Kong’s leading interscholastic chess tournament, the 8th Annual ISF Chess Open which saw close to 300 students and over 55 schools in attendance.  ActiveKids Founder Grace So and Lower School Vice Principal Ms Nancy Dyck opened the competition with messages of sportsmanship, effort, concentration and achievement.

After the initial handshakes, each player engaged in six rounds of chess in a gym charged with high-intensity, brain power.  From the youngest 4-year-old player to the oldest 22-year-olds, everyone had fun while giving maximum effort.  After over six hours of ‘battle’, everybody was proud of the fantastic brain workout and attitude that the participants produced.

While the scores were being calculated, an exciting blind-folded chess game took place between last year’s Scholastic Champion Ronald Choy and The Chess Academy’s FIDE Master.  Shortly thereafter, Dr Eric Jabal – Principal of ISF’s Secondary School crowned the champions in the individual and team brackets, with numerous other competitors also recognized for their efforts.  Dr Jabal noted the success of the tournament was due to the true sportsmanship and respect for the game that the participants displayed.

The event was a resounding success.  Special thanks go to all the devoted parents who patiently stood by the students’ sides throughout the whole day for both physical and mental support, to the wonderful and unique collaboration with The ISF Academy, to the generous sponsorships from The Hong Kong Book Centre and Checkmate Pizza, and to our dedicated ActiveKids team.  We are extra pleased that many of the winners are students from The Chess Academy!

Congratulations to ALL!  Hope to see you again at our grand chess finale – The HK Scholastic Championships on Jun 11, 2017 at the Kellett School


Below are the results of each section.
* Students being coach by The Chess Academy

Age 4 Winner – Annabel Chang (Small World Kindergarten)*
Age 5 Winner – Jonas Lai (The ISF Academy) *
Age 6 Winner – Cheng Chi Chee (Kowloon Tong School)
Age 7 Winner – Noah Michishita (Discovery College)
Age 8 Winner – Andrei  Lupu (Kennedy School)*
Age 9 Winner – Aaron You (Hong Kong Int’l School)
Age 10 Winner – Wu Shu Hong (Hong Kong Int’l School)
Age 11 Winner – Li Jerry Chung Kiu (Victoria Shanghai Academy)
Age 12 Winner – Lee Matthew K.H. (Hong Kong Int’l School)
Age 13 Winner – Oliver Yau (Kellett School)*
Age 14 Winner – Eugene Lau (Shatin College)
Age 15 Winner – Chiu Tsz Chai Michael (Renaissance College, HK)
Age 16 Winner – Law Chun Ming Henry (G.T. (Ellen Yeung) College)
Age 17 Winner – Steven King (Canadian Int’l School)

Age 6 & under – Individual
Champion – Ethan Pu (Woodland School)
1st Runner up – Jacob Lu (Singapore Int’l School)*
2nd Runner Up – Hsu Yip Ching Jeffrey (ShaTin Junior School)
3rd Runner Up – Li Channing (German Swiss Int’l School)
4th Runner Up – Tao Zhanning (Rightmind Kindergarten)
5th Runner Up – Chan Tai Yuen Gabriel (Beacon Hill School)
Female Champion – Hilary Boon (Canadian Int’l School)*

Age 6 & under – Team
Champion – The ISF Academy
1st Runner up – Kau Yan School
2nd Runner Up – Canadian Int’l School
3rd Runner Up – Woodland School
4th Runner Up – Beacon Hill School
5th Runner Up – International Christian School

Lower Primary – Individual
Champion – Oliver King (Hong Kong Int’l School)
1st Runner up – Mahir Uppal (Discovery College)
2nd Runner Up – Zeth Hon (Kau Yan School)
3rd Runner Up – Savin Peramunetilleke (Discovery College)
4th Runner Up – Thanneermalai Kannappan (Kennedy School)*
5th Runner Up – Leung Cheuk Ming Marcus (Kau Yan School)
Female Champion – Michelle Chan Ngo Yu (Kau Yan School)

Lower Primary – Team
Champion – Discovery College
1st Runner up – Kau Yan School
2nd Runner Up – Hong Kong Int’l School
3rd Runner Up – The ISF Academy
4th Runner Up – Kennedy School
5th Runner Up – Renaissance College, HK

Upper Primary – Individual
Champion – Ben Han (The ISF Academy )*
1st Runner up – Seth Peramunetilleke (Discovery College)
2nd Runner Up – Cheng Justin Hong-Chen (The ISF Academy)*
3rd Runner Up – Edwin Leung (Kau Yan School)
4th Runner Up – Chung Cheung Jing Ethan (International College Hong Kong Hong Lok Yuen)
5th Runner Up – Sun Michelle Y (The ISF Academy)
Female Champion – Roy Anika Rachna (Canadian Int’l School)

Upper Primary – Team
Champion – The ISF Academy
1st Runner up – Hong Kong Int’l School
2nd Runner Up – Kau Yan School
3rd Runner Up – Canadian Int’l School
4th Runner Up – German Swiss Int’l School
5th Runner Up – Discovery College

Secondary – Individual
Champion – Estella Song (St. Stephen’s College)
1st Runner up – Henry Pu (Canadian Int’l School)
2nd Runner Up – Liu Pak (King George V)
3rd Runner Up – Ronald Choy (The ISF Academy)*
4th Runner Up – Woo Tsz Chun Nicolas (Chinese Int’l School)
5th Runner Up – Leonardo Zapparoli (Hong Kong Int’l School)
Female Champion – Leung Hoi Ting Jasmine (King George V)

Secondary – Team
Champion – Canadian Int’l School
1st Runner up – South Island School
2nd Runner Up – German Swiss Int’l School
3rd Runner Up – Renaissance College, HK
4th Runner Up – Hong Kong Int’l School
5th Runner Up – Island School

To add, if you are interested in taking chess lessons, besides our ActiveKids Learning Center in Kennedy, we now have a NEW learning center in Kowloon – 6/F Silver Commercial Building, 719 Nathan Road.  For more details, please contact us at 3480-4199,

The Chess Academy – ActiveKids

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