The Chess Academy Asia Pacific Championship U16 – Leg 4

The Last Round of the TCA Asia Pacific Championship U16 was played last Saturday on Dec 19. There were a lot of exciting games in the last round at Lichess Platform.

We started off the event with a new brand new lecture by The Chess Academy Hong Kong, GM coach Manuel. The lecture called “5 ways of defending”. With 5 different examples we explained how important it is to look for counterattacking moves rather than just passively defend. The kids participated with their answers to the questions in the chat and it led to some very interesting discussions on which way to solve the problems was better.

This week, it was a very hard battle for the TCA Hong Kong team. The other team were performing well, the points between the teams were so close. When the time finish, the TCA Hong Kong team managed to keep the Top place at last!

This leg saw big numbers all around: 852 games and over 45 thousand moves .The Chess Academy Hong Kong finished in first place, followed by ChessNut Academy and BrainBoxChess Academy.

Below the individual result.

Congratulations to all the teams, who are getting better and stronger and the players are performing at a really high level. From the TCA team we want to congratulate the young players that are making this result possible.

Lastly, we hope you all have enjoyed the series of the Championship. Our next Online Chess event will be the Road to Master League Leg 2. Thanks for participating and see you next year!