Result of the End of Year Tournament 2019

Another successful tournament run by The Chess Academy. With 100 players participated in the End of Year Tournament 2019, we are delightful that the tournament went extremely smooth and all players had fun on the day.

Below are the results, a Big Congratulation to the winners!

Age 4 Winner: Chen, Jayden (Victoria Kindy)
Age 5 Winner: Qiu, Ze Chen Thomas (ISF)
Age 6 Winner: Wang, ZunKui Randy (KSC)
Age 7 Winner: Wong, Kainos  (St. Peter)*
Age 8 Winner: Chiu, David Zion
Age 9 Winner: Li, Channing (GSIS)
Age 10 Winner: Chan, Wang Ip Boris (St. Louis)
Age 11 Winner: Lupu, Andrei (West Island)
Age 12 Winner: Wong, Adrian Kwan Yui (CCSC)
Age 13 Winner: Yu, Patrick Qi (West Island)
Age 15 Winner: Cheung, Pak Shing

U6 section:
Champion: Chiu Silas Nathaniel
2nd Place: Qin, Bruce (VSA)
3rd Place: Hari, Anaisha (GSIS)
Female Champion: Leung, Sonia (VSA

U8 section:
Champion: Wang, Sanuel Julian (SIS)
2nd place: Chan, Pui Yin Brandon (NAIS)
3rd place: Yiu, Jonathan (RCHK)*
Female Champion: Ho Yuk Ching (ELCHK Lutheran Academy)

U10 section:
Champion: Luk, Kin Tsun Danbe (RCHK)*
2nd place: Su Bo Rui Marcus (BHS)
3rd place: Chan Ngo Yu (KYS)
Female Champion: Eaton, Florence Fai Cheung (GSIS)

U12 section:
Champion: Wong Adrian Kwan Yui
2nd place: Li Yiheng (KCS)*
3rd place: So Adrian Tsz Yui (CDNIS)*

U18 section:
Champion: Cheng, Justin Hong-Chen (ISF)*
2nd place: Li Ching Hei (KCIS)
3rd place: Kadam, Aaditya Vivek (GSIS)

Our next Tournament will be the ISF Academy Chess Open 2020!

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