Result of the Novice Tournament 2019

The Chess Academy Novice Tournament 2019 was held on Nov 10, 2019. With over 75 participants in this years tournament, we were privileged to witness some thrilling games. The tournament proved to be a valuable experience for all as participants were able to test some of the tactics and strategies that they developed through the Academy.

We are delighted with the results of The Chess Academy students. Congratulations to all the winners and a big round of applause to all participants involved!


Age 4 Winner: Lee, Jun Yuan (VSA kindy)
Age 5 Winner: Chang, Yong Xiang Dylan (SIS)
Age 6 Winner: Hugh, Darius Clinton (KYS)
Age 7 Winner: Wang, Xiao Yang (ISF)*
Age 8 Winner: Lai, Hin Chun Joshua (KYS)
Age 9 Winner: Chiu, Chung Him, Quinton (KJS)*
Age 10 Winner: Lee, Owen (KYS)

U6 Section:
Champion: Chiu, Nathaniel (CIS)*
2nd Place: Sze, Yat Chuen Carter (Yan Chai Hospital Fong Kong Fai Kindy)
3rd Place: Sun, Luke Tang (CIS)
Female Champion: Leung, Sonia (VSA)

U8 Section:
Champion: Pak, Warren (GSIS)
2nd Place: Lam, Jack (KYS)
3rd Place: Wong, Kainos (St. Peter’s)*
Female Champion: Yu, Tsun Ting Tia (ISF)*

U10 Section:
Champion: Cheng, Chi Chee Melson (KTS)
2nd Place: Cho, Spencer (CIS)*
3rd Place: Lam, Anthony (St. Louis)
Female Champion: Toucas, Cyriane (FIS)

U12 Section:
Champion: Chan, Ting Him (St. Louis)
2nd Place: Leung, Yat Shun (ISF)*
3rd Place: Lau, Marcus (Pui Ching)