The Chess Academy Christmas Special!

The Chess Academy Christmas Special

To celebrate the joy of Christmas, The Chess Academy held a special event for kids on Dec 18, 2016.

Our TCA players and other chess lovers enjoyed themselves playing all sorts of different variations of chess: standard chess, blitz, bullet… You should have seen our friend Marcus Li, playing faster than lightning!

The star game was transfer chess, all the kids tried their luck playing in pairs and exploring all the excitement of this game. When it all seems lost, you can always receive an extra piece from your teammate that can save your game and make your team win. All of them did great but if we have to pick a team that showed they have very good chemistry and partnership, that team is the one made by Noah Misichita and Nathan Chang. These very young and talented chess players remain unbeaten that day, an impressive achievement. Well done, boys!

We also had drinks, snacks and lots of pizza for everyone that helped to get back some energy and keep playing their favorite chess games.

Stay tuned, The Chess Academy will have a lot more chess events coming in 2017!