Another Successful End of Year Tournament !

On Dec 11, 2016, The Chess Academy of ActiveKids held the 8th Annual End of Year Tournament.

We would like to say Congratulations to the Winners and well done to all!

Also a BIG THANK YOU to Checkmate Pizza (Kennedy Town) for sponsoring the delicious pizza.

Happy Holidays &
See you all in 2017!

Below are the results of each section.
* Students being coach by The Chess Academy

Age 4 Winner – Ethan Chan
Age 5 Winner –
Jonas Lai (ISF) *
Age 6 Winner – Rex Lee (CDNIS)*
Age 7 Winner – Bai, Shijun Mark (Kau Yan School)
Age 8 Winner – Thanneermalai Kannappan (Kennedy School)*
Age 9 Winner – Ben Han (ISF)*
Age 10 Winner – Zack Lee (South Island School)*
Age 11 Winner – Leung Yu Chung, Adrian (La Salle Primary School)
Age 12 Winner – Chan Sin Ching, Charlotte (United Christian College)
Age 13 Winner – Coling Wong (South Island School)
Age 14 Winner – Suen Long (South Island School)

Age 6 & under
1st place – Samuel Lam (ISF)*
2nd place – Noah Michishita (Discovery College)
3rd place – Tudor Lupu (Kennedy School)*
Female Champion – Hilary Boon (CDNIS)*

Age 7 – 8
1st place – Hon Zig Zeth (Kau Yan School)
2nd place Pang Bo (St. Johannes College)
3rd place – Mishra Prakhar (GSIS)
Female Champion – Michelle Chan Ngo Yu (Kau Yan School)

Age 9 – 10
1st place – Cheng, Justin Hong Chen (ISF)*
2nd place – Kong, Steven Chun Shing (Wah Yan)*
3rd place – Ng Sze Yu Ryan (MTC GPS)*
Female Champion – Michelle Y Sun (ISF)*

Age 11 – 12
1st place – Wang Jing Hang (North Point Government Primary School)
2nd place – Wilson Siu (Island School)*
3rd place – Hong Ngan Arthur (United Christian College)
emale Champion – Sabrina Wong (ISF)*

Age 13 – 18
1st place – Ronald Choy (ISF)*
2nd place – Ashley Chow (Harrow School)
3rd place – Oliver Yau (Kellett KLB)*
Female Champion – Leung Hoi Ting (KGV)

Sponsored by: checkmate