Result of the Novice Tournament 2016 (concluded)

The Chess Academy Novice Tournament 2016 was a great success! With over 70 students participated in this tournament, The Chess Academy students had a remarkable result! Congratulation to all the Winners!


Below are the results of the Novice Tournament 2016

Age 5 Winner – August Cheng (ISF)*
ge 6 Winner – Jack Welch (ISF)*
Age 7 Winner – Chan Ngo Yu (Kau Yan School)
Age 8 Winner – Ng Ho Hei, Desmond (Kau Yan School)
Age 9 Winner – Ryan Bokyu Boon (CDNIS)*
Age 10 Winner – Kevin Sun (ISF)*

Age 6 & Under section
1st Place – Kadyn Wong (ISF)*
2nd Place – Zhang Han Zhang, Bruce (ISF)*
3rd Place – Chan Hei Lim, Ethan (ICS)*
Female Champion – Valerie Tao (ISF)*

Age 7 – 8 section
1st Place – Milton Dai (FIS)*
2nd Place – Lau Cheuk Yui, Clovis (Kau Yan School)
3rd Place – Kwok Ho Lam, Ignatius (St. Luis)
Female Champion – Shannon Ho (CDNIS)*

Age 9 – 10
1st Place – Michelle Y Sun (ISF)*
2nd Place – Ho Lok Chi, Inigo (Wah Yan)
3rd Place – Ryan Lee (CDNIS)*
Female Champion – Cherie Chiu (HKIS)

Age 11 – 18
1st Place – Roderick Chang (Island School)
2nd Place – Fung Yu-Hang, Markus (RCHK)
3rd Place – Woo Tsz Shan, Nathan (CIS)
Female Champion – Andria Wong (RCHK)

Age 13 – 18
1st Place – Vincent Hugentobler (SSC)

* Students under The Chess Academy Coaching