Result of the 7th Annual Hong Kong Scholastic Championship

The Chess Academy of ActiveKids held the 7th Annual Hong Kong Scholastic Championship on Jun 12, 2016. This is the last chess tournament of this school year. We had 120 students from 40 schools participated in this interschool tournament.

We would like to say a BIG Congratulations to the Winners and well done to all! Also a BIG THANK YOU to parents for supporting their kids in chess.

The Chess Academy will have the Novice Tournament in November 2016, so check out our Summer Camp 2016, to practice your chess skills over the Summer Holiday! We look forward meeting the chess lover again!


Below is the result of the tournament

Kindergarten Section:
Champion – Samuel Lam (ISF )*
1st Runner up – Tudor Lupu (Kennedy)*
2nd Runner up – Chan Pak Yui (Kau Yan)

Champion – ISF
1st Runner up – Kau Yan Kindergarten
2nd Runner up – Kennedy School

Primary 1 – 2 Section:

Champion – Pang Bo (St. Johannes College (Primary))
1st Runner up – Mahir Uppal (Discovery College)
2nd Runner up – Savin Peramunetilleke (Discovery College)
Female Champion – Chan, Ngo Yu Michelle (Kau Yan)

Champion – Discovery College
1st Runner up – Kau Yan School
2nd Runner up – VSA

Primary 3 – 4 Section:
Champion – Hanoch Suen (Kau Yan)
1st Runner up – Seth Peramunetilleke (Discovery College)
2nd Runner up – Aaron You (SIS)*
Female Champion – Michelle Yeung (Kau Yan)*

Champion – Kau Yan School
1st Runner up – Wah Yan
2nd Runner up – Discovery College

Primary 5 – 6 Section:
Champion – Ulysse Bottazzi (FIS)*
1st Runner up – Harsh Udassi (Delia)*
2nd Runner up – Ethan Chung (Hong Lok Yuen International School)
Female Champion – Meijing Garceran Wang

Champion – KJS
1st Runner up – RCHK
2nd Runner up – Discovery College

Secondary Section:
Champion – Albert Lee (South Island)
1st Runner up – Wong Yee Chit (Logos Academy)
2nd Runner up – James Kwong Wing Ki (La Salle)
Female Champion – Leung Hoi Ting (KGV)

Champion – South Island
1st Runner up – RCHK
2nd Runner up – ISF

(Student Name with * is coaching under The Chess Academy Team)